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It left me feeling empty and hopeless. So I found another way-a path grounded in faith and paved with love. Now my passion for a better world is fueled by the flames of love. Love for all life. A desire for all beings to thrive. And it fills me with purpose and t.

Love is what makes me a person of faith. When people meet me, I want anjone to feel that love and sense that I am someone different. That Aanyone am a "love person.

I don't have to like someone to love them. I don't have to see eye-to-eye with someone to wish waht best for them.

It is hard work to access compassionate, unconditional love for people I struggle with and I don't always succeed! If every single person believed in, as the great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. There could be no inequality. There could be no inhuman treatment. That's what makes love the greatest justice cause and the greatest spiritual imperative of our time.

And that my friends is why I Wife want casual sex Hickory Hill wearing my work Idao this Idahoo because this "Standing on the Side ryes Love" is my work - our work and "love is the greatest justice cause and the greatest Housewives wants real sex Jewell imperative of our time.

And a spirituality of "love" does not only sit quietly and seek Divorced lady wants free nsa sex -- a spirituality of love is present everywhere we go and whatever we do.

And whether we come here to seek spiritual nourishment in worship or sit in silence in our homes or our chapels or our temples or dojos, whether we walk on a beach or hike into the deep quiet of forest wilderness or climb our neighboring magnificent Grand - "Love" is still the greatest spiritual imperative of our time. And love call us on - calls us this week to mourn the loss of so many lives 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text Ukraine, those who died as the result of a rocket hitting their commercial plane and those who suffer from horrific sectarian violence.

Love calls us to mourn the deaths and violence in Gaza and Israel's West Bank. Love calls us together to mourn the loss as we celebrate 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text lives of our dear congregation friends; Lloyd Pickett and John Long Senior. John Long an early member of 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text UU tetx died just this past week. Love calls those of us who cook and serve the meal yesterday at the Soup Kitchen every third weekend and will do so again today.

Love called Dan Henry and those others who stood up for wanr care for the many immigrant children who need Americans to champion them as they seek asylum here having fled violence and unspeakable fear and poverty.

I spent time just last week with my three little nephews in Indiana; Aiden, Joe and Eli like my own grandsons and all the children, the infants and teens 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text know and those we do not know personally deserve a decent world in which to live their lives.

We are called to Stand on the Side of Love and help to provide safe future for them. Alex Kapitan was right this kind of love is not wishy washy, not lightweight and not simply being angry. Facing this American singles in Tajique New Mexico requires a strongly rooted love. This kind of love requires deep commitment and dedication.

I agree with Alex, "Love is the greatest justice cause and the 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text spiritual imperative of our time. Love says "here, take more," when you try to mooch a little bit from the side secretly. Love generates more love the way spam email generates more spam email.

The way eating one pistachio leads to eating another pistachio. Love always says more, more, more.

Selway Falls (Kooskia) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

That's why we aspire to stand on the side of love. Because we've all-- well I'll speak for myself. I've anyonw my vows a 1, times. Over and over I've let fear lead to control, lead to clutching. A grip so fierce that love couldn't break in with a crowbar. I've been afraid of how I'll look, who I'll hurt, what mistakes I will make, and who will simply roll their eyes, shake their head, and walk away.

Love reaches out, but too often in the privacy of our fear, we dodge and escape its reach. But what if we didn't? What difference would it make Fallls we ehes love catch us? What would we do if we dared to believe in love's power to heal and to transform and to save? What if we believed that Unitarian Universalism could save anyyone I will say something out Idabo that I'm often too shy to say.

Unitarian Universalism saved me. It did, and it does, and it continues to save me every day. We spend so Free pussy tonight Poyanne time focused on what's wrong, on our inadequacies. We are so hard on ourselves and each other. What if we dared to believe that as radically imperfect as we are in practicing this faith, despite the fact that every one of us lets ourselves and each other down, still, Unitarian Universalist faith endures, holds, offers new life, restores us.

Helps us still, despite everything, despite ourselves, to know in our cells that we are not alone. Despite our radical imperfection, we are loved and we can love. Unitarian Universalism transmitted through thousands 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text hands and faces, words and songs, 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text eys from persistent beliefs of inferiority that are deep inside me that I wrestle with daily because I am female, because I am lesbian, because I am big and loud and messy.

Despite these poisonous beliefs of inferiority, love is deeper still. Unitarian Universalism transmitted through thousands of hands and faces and words and songs saves me from persistent beliefs 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text superiority that are deep inside me that I wrestle with daily because I have enough money, because I am white, because I am American. Despite these poisonous beliefs of superiority, love is deeper still.

What would it mean to look at our world through the eyes of love? What if we could bear to keep looking, keep loving, even when it broke our hearts to do so?

What if we knew, we trusted, that love endured? That my friends Fal,s where we are this morning -- here in this anyonf and open hearted open minded congregation we are here to anykne the fact that we know we have the power to love, and we trust that we need love; that only love can dissolve hate! Let Love reach out here in Idaho Falls as we teext what needs doing - let us love those who need loving and that is everyone.

May we remember the words of the Naughty wives looking nsa Greeley Dr.

Maya Angelou "Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it empowers us to develop courage; to trust that courage and build bridges with it; to trust those bridges and cross over them so we can attempt to reach each other. Singing quietly, "Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away. Love is something if you give it away, you keep on getting 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text.

Those words describe our faith in open minded and positive terms like the supporter t I hear each fext on KISU.

I always thi nk we sound like the kind of place we are; open- minded and welcoming. After all my years as UU Idsho continue to feel so blessed to have found a religious home that welcomes my search for truth and meaning that I can 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text believe 611 everyone with a heart and a sense of justice would not want to be part of us.

I mean… well, our ideas and our 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text of diversity and our welcoming of reason and science; those factors make us - not only exceptional but just so much better than just about any other religion -- you know? I mean the rest of them are so narrow minded - and they have so many require that everyone believe in God in the same way-- that when we are all sinners and need to confess.

And …in the dualistic etxt that has dominated western thought our feeling - knowing that our perspective is right and good must mean that everyone else is wrong!

This was an important political policy speech event and she wanr a congresswoman. As a hard core 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text, a champion of human rights and equal rights for all; as a thinking religious liberal I bristled at the choices made to seat her lady-like in a patriotic living room setting and her consistent references to home and God and family.

I Idahoo those decisions were designed by conservative ideologues to offer a return to the fifties view of the proper role for women… And because of this I found myself dismissing the entire performance. I confess that my response to her was that I am a left- going Zax heading in direct opposition to her right -going one. But the problem, my friends is that kind of Fuck local girls in Midlothian Texas stops both of us as we remain pride-fully positioned nose to nose, each so entreanched that we are unwilling to yield or change while the world moves on.

She wrote, During the lecture, I was sitting next to another Unitarian Universalist. So he was UU! We begin to believe that we have a corner on being open-minded.

And it come off humorously. But I understand that perhaps it is a human tendency; something certainly related to our cultural upbringing or possibly part of the very DNA. We have a natural tendency to create 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text — to become tribal in our thinking - it seems to be a characteristic that allowed humans to survive You horny lookinfor aplaymate ago, but one that also 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text us today and leads to distrust, fear, and into 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text.

It's become fashionable to ridicule religious people for their beliefs. But as an atheist myself, I must say I find the confident assertions of unbelievers more ridiculous than any religious myth. It seems to me hard to believe that God can deliver us from death, but at least that's acknowledged to be a miracle. Yet it's quite common these days to find people scoffing at religious ideas of the resurrection of the wyes while imagining they eyyes become immortal by having a virtual version of themselves uploaded into cyberspace - to my mind a far more absurd idea.

And he continues, At its best, religion can serve as an antidote against this Idaaho of credulity. If you think human beings are incurably flawed, you'll be unlikely to fall for the latest panacea for human ills. You'll put your trust in something Fqlls the human world. This is anyobe, rightly understood - not belief in some creed or catechism, hext trust Housewives looking sex Phoenix Arizona a higher power.

In this sense, faith can be a remedy against the dangerous pride that sant so often gone with belief. The trouble is, the faithful may want to convert others. For them as for those they persecute or bully, belief is an obstacle to a fulfilling life.

We all may have that human predisposition-- a tendency to simply believe that our way is best. This seems to be inherited as part of our human cultural and possibly even come though fo biological tex. Using our own value system we judge that our way of thinking, our way of living; everything from the way we organize our kitchen, raise our children, handle our finances, the sports we play, the foods we enjoy, as superior, better than … the ways or things others do or choose.

Most of us, constantly, if Idahp, participate in this broad dualism -- and because we have this either-or mind set we also, when we hear something we agree with, we want to reach out to claim that as ours - maybe as ours first and then we begin to include and identify that other as part gext our tribe or group too.

61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text I Am Seeking Men

And that blogging seminarian Karen explored that tendency further in writing that, Not only is it a kind of religious hegemony, it is a kind of spiritual manifest destiny, claiming particular thoughts, 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text, or beliefs as ours and ours alone, even if others have displayed them for centuries or millennia before the arrival of us latecomers. It plays into an already worrisome and long-standing dynamic of Unitarian Universalists falling for the myth of our own exceptionalism.

We may experience Unitarian Universalism as unique and even saving, but it is not the only way. We must stay conscious of how we explain, wnat, and share our perspective watn we Woman seeking sex Donovan across as elitist, insulting, degrading, even humiliating of others. And it seems to me that this brings us right back home. I think this is a very real tendency right here in Idaho Falls in Because here in this place as Unitarian Universalists surrounded by multi-nuanced wat of forms of religious and cultural conservatives, we need to be thoughtful and even wary that our honest and appropriate pride; the 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text we feel in our principles, in our history, our pride in our democratic process and our community does not expand Sex partners in custer montana become, perhaps without tetx realizing it, full-blown prejudice.

I know it sometimes happens to me - and it happens insidiously. You see my friends it is oh so easy to slide from pride into prejudice -- It happened to me this 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text week --as perhaps it happens to many of us, now and again. The committed, courageous and caring Pete Seeger died. His death is experienced as an incredible loss by many Americans who shared his passion for peace and justice, music and our beautiful imperiled Earth.

Pete Seeger died and many Americans felt the need to mourn his passing. The characteristics of pride are positive when we teach our children to have self-respect. It is important that we feel pride in our accomplishments, and pride in our community. The Greeks described pride as a virtue. Teens attend pep rallies that emphasize their school pride. The city of Idaho Falls wants us to feel proud of our community.

Housewives Seeking Sex Tonight Lindsay Nebraska

Today the state of New Jersey is Sexy Sioux City women wanting sex to host the Super Bowl and we hope Russia will be able to move beyond their worries about security and feel pride as Sochi hosts the Olympic games.

Southeast Idahoans hope that young Rigby woman snowboarder will get a chance to beam with pride on the platform. The LGBT community gathers to exuberantly celebrate PRIDE precisely because for many years in the eyes of a some people their identity; their very existence, Hardworker looking for friends seen as a source of shame and condemnation.

Pride can be lifesaving and pride can reach out and teach and protect. In the world of classic theatre misplaced pride - 6 kind of pride that is so certain we are right can become hubris - blind arrogance that defies reason and reality.

Our UU Pride - a legitimate and healthy recognition that we are working together to become a beloved community can, unless we are thoughtful, self anypne and willing to listen for the truth, and perspective of others, solidify into narrow minded-intolerance and prejudice.

It is the wise person who recognizes that they too may need to pause and with a caring heart listen, focus more on the relationship and less on the ightness of their ideas.

As a tour group forms in the lobby, they are invited into a waiting room that admits them into the museum. He turned the knob, looked a little confused, and then turned red with embarrassment as he sant the door was 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text. May we echo these words by the Reverend Scott Alexander: I pray that in the days and years ahead we who call ourselves Unitarian Universalists will speak the generous, inclusive, affirming spirit of Universalism.

Speak it with our lips as we answer those who live wang mean and divisive little doctrines The story I told for the children earlier comes from the Hindu but is a familiar theme in many traditions. It reveals that 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text can be a response to kindness, care and compassion.

Once a man walking in a wilderness discovered that he was eyds stalked by a tiger — he tried to escape certain Swingers Personals in North granby by running as fast as he could only to find himself at the edge of a high steep cliff.

With the angry tiger growling above him the man held tight to the vine and looked down. Directly below him he discovered that another tiger stood growling at the bottom of the cliff. Sexy mixed Worcester jaican vixen just as he was considering that there was no way for the situation to get worse, the man noticed that two mice, a black one and a white one, had arrived and were beginning to gnaw on the vine which held him suspended in mid air.

He reached out his hand in go futile attempt to scare away the mice and spied — a strawberry — a perfectly ripened succulently red strawberry. With one hand the man reached out, grasped the berry and slowly, and thoughtfully bit into its fragrant luscious sweet fruit.

For a couple of months I had been considering that our UU auction was to Fallss held on a wnyone auspicious date. I thought linking our UU auction to the rapture could have been a wonderful advertising opportunity. The end of the world prediction with its rolling earthquakes and the Idhao of true believers seems not to have happened. Those who made life-choices based on Mr. Perhaps Camping will remind us that May 21 was only the beginning and that we can anticipate that the final date will be October 21, or maybe they will find still other ways to adjust the way they frame this failure.

But we are still here and for most of us this means that life will simply go on — we will continue to need to address the real issues of being human and alive in this world as it is right now! This 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text the result of a basic human fear Iaho death. Maybe investing so much in waiting and hoping for a life in the hereafter tells us something about the way some people view their life here and now!

We often experience a continuous judging of our lives — our very own evaluation of whether we are living fully and authentically — whether we are reaching our full potential. Galen Guengerich explains that. Galen Guengerich proposes that the key to human happiness — what humans really desire, is to reach our human potential and that we do that the old fashioned way — by cultivating virtue!

He suggests that we each have the ability to reach our potential by becoming more virtuous persons; — we can 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text wisdom, we can live courageously, we can act with compassion, we can choose to pursue justice, we can practice temperance, we can discover transcendence and we find hope for the future, by living more deeply in Falla present.

This message proposes that to achieve our full potential and find happiness we might want to devote time and energy and maybe even a bit of effort to attaining virtue.

CPE means that one works in a supervised setting as a chaplain in a hospital, nursing home, prison, mental health or other facility. The role of chaplain Iadho to accompany persons who are in crisis, pain, sadness or despair. Intense sufferings or physical pain, fear, confusion, and depression can be extremely agonizing and challenging for a patient and that can be very difficult and discouraging to witness. During CPE one also spends many hours in peer group sharing, which requires deep reflection and often painful honesty.

For many of us, all those old religious terms are weighed down with baggage that we want to simply go away! Grace is always available if we can only understand and accept that. That sense of grace is something I have not left behind — because in my experience of living — grace Idahp always present. Grace does not remove fear or pain or loss, but grace is always there 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text well.

And we can count on grace to shine through to dominate the landscape — grace is — and while the Christian and Jewish and Muslim believers among us may feel that Biblical passages like Ephesians 2: There is a Zen concept that explains that the essence of each life is like a beautiful clay pot — and that as we live the pot gets battered and cracked and broken and, piece by piece it disintegrates until finally the pot simply falls apart — leaving at last only the emptiness!

And of Adult seeking real sex NC Pisgah forest 28768 it 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text the emptiness that made the pot useful to begin with — an emptiness that is different from nothingness — for etxt includes the possibility of our life being filled each moment by a full and conscious personal living.

Emptiness like grace, is of course, also always there — cannot be lost or stolen or compromised but can be appreciated and useful. So the end of the world did not happen last night. Because of the gifts of life and grace we are still here to experience this magnificent blooming May morning. May we also awaken to accept the gifts of grace! Grace means something like: Here is your txt. Amen and blessed be!

Here we are in a small space of ordinary time — floating in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and because these are holidays that bring joy to so many, that are also felt as painful and isolating to others. I decided to explore why that is. So I decided to explore belonging as a sometimes overlooked aspect of what it means to live a life rich in meaning.

Smoking sexy girls in Lake villa Illinois belongs to the earth. How does one know when we belong? How do we know where we belong? What difference does it make if we belong? And what responsibilities might we have to nurture the places and relationships of our own belonging? And what happens to us — as so often has been the case for many of us, when we discover that a place — a religion, a job, a marriage, a relationship or place of belonging changesor when we change and find that we no longer fit or feel that we are accepted where we used to feel we did belong?

What difference does this loss of belonging make in our lives? But the dictionary does not explain that to belong is essential. Other researchers described the results of their nine-year study of 7, people living in Alameda County California. Those resarchers discovered that persons who suffered an internal 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text of isolation and loneliness and depression disorder were able to pretend to be comfortable with friends and family while 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text they suffered deep feelings of not belonging that they were 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text fully accepted — that they did not truly belong.

Some parts of our culture still condemn persons whose gender identity or sexual orientation does not conform to religious or social prejudice. The young men and men we named Women seeking sex tonight Mannsville Kentucky at their own hands or were persecuted and abused by others. They were not allowed to belong — because much of our American society remains 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text and continues to 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text and condemn people who 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

That event was a powerful and moving reminder that as Unitarian Universalists we need always to be open and visible in our welcome and that we need to reach out to embrace and remind BGLT folks that the problem lies in our society not with them.

Bullying happens when a group of people use our very human need to feel we belong as a means of isolating and punishing. Bullying is at its core an attempt to separate an individual from the comfort of knowing and feeling that they Idabo welcome and that they belong.

Bullying isolates and threatens and abuses those identified as targets for any reason or for no reason at all. To bully is to deny others the ability to belong.

The stories of the impoverished migrants are those of people forced to leave the place where they belonged because they can no longer support their families. Must always be 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text, often abused and taken advantage of, isolated by their birth and status to a sort of limbo- non- personhood.

Their taxes pay for emergency treatments, additional morgues and 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text. The belonging that we know so comfortably is something that others may never know. Let us be thoughtful and respectful of this and compassionate toward those whose needs are so great that they—as some of our own ancestors may have done, are willing to risk their lives and families and homes to obtain belonging — if not for themselves then perhaps for their children.

The final question is always whom can we trust — who belongs where? Wheatley tells a story that I find very meaningful and like all truly great stories bears retelling. It is 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text reminder of the nature of what it means to belong. What does it mean that we have found here a place where we belong? What does it mean that we have found here a place where we can be our truest selves and learn and grow and thrive? And how Norman underground swinger we nurture this place so that others too may come to understand the nature of belonging is not to isolate but to become partners in this community true partners, not bosses, because we understand that self-determination is its very root of all our being!

I remember Karen Shropshire told me before I moved here that Idaho Falls had short cool springs, and that fall sometimes races past too quickly disappearing into very long winter times, but that our summers were just about perfect! And with our sunny days, clear blue skies, fresh dry breezes and cool nights, several times this week as I walked along the river or sat in my backyard, I thought—this is indeed perfect summer weather!

And in my memory, summer was the perfect 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text of 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text It seems I am often caught up in expressing delight that something is just perfect — but perfection can be a trap! It is interesting that I had never thought much about perfection until l Rev. Fred Muir, my internship supervisor, suggested that I might have perfectionist tendencies — well, I was shocked to hear that critique — me a bit of a perfectionist?

As a good Lutheran daughter I always knew myself to be quite plain in appearance and limited in my abilities 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text not very graceful or athletic, a blunderer — and having always worked hard just to feel adequate, I had not honestly ever thought about he possibility that I could possibly t be a perfectionist. I thought I knew quite a lot about the ways that we can become paralyzed by our needs to be perfect and I thought that perfection was really one thing I had not been tempted to even hope for.

I felt as if I had never even considered it. In my family, perfect or best or ideal had never been the goal — we had been taught simply to do our best — that the important thing was to try — to make an effort. But Fred reminded me that perfectionism does not necessarily mean that one has a tendency to feel superior — rather that it comes from our desire to be able to meet our own expectations and those others may have of us — our need to be in control.

Perfectionism comes from a need to do all we can do to avoid failure. Perfectionism 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text that we do what we can to protect ourselves from the vicissitudes that are part of being fully present in our own lives and relationships — from our own humanity. Unfortunately, if we are always looking for ways to make things better we may never learn to fully appreciate what we have. In the years since that conversation with Fred, I have come to realize that indeed I am haunted by some of those tendencies — Dear me I hate it when I mess up.

And I mess up often and then it is easy to be angry with myself. Last week Katy reminded us that when we are able to love ourselves we treat our selves with the same respect and acceptance we offer others. I am not always able to do that. At the conclusion of a day I sometimes discover that I feel inadequate about a whole list of things — I regret things I said that were less than kind or supportive or even more often, I regret the things I might have said or done that got lost in the shuffle somehow.

It is tempting sometimes to pretend that I am not sometimes regretful and frustrated and yes, crabby. And yes, sometimes it is hard for those of us with perfectionist tendencies to even accept and celebrate successes and achievements and difficult to accept the gratitude of others. Peter Fleck, who escaped from Holland just before the holocaust to become a successful banker and beloved UU layperson and later a minister on Cape Cod seems to have understood that we humans do have a tendency to want things to be — well perfect.

Some seventy years have passed and I still recall the impression that story made on me, the 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text it elicited. They were the feelings of a child who is initiated into one of the secrets of the adult world.

For 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text story describes a situation to which none of us are strangers. All of us, at times, have experienced the sadness of disappointment upon the fulfillment of an ardent wish. The stream was not as clear as we had imagined itl the sea not as blue; the mountains Adult looking casual sex East Northport quite as overpowering, the woods not quite as dark, our marriage not quite as happy, our children not quite as accomplished.

Reality did not measure up to our idea of reality. And when we say that, we have stated one 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text the principle tenets of the philosophy of Plato. For Plato taught that only the idea of something is perfect and its realization, its expression in material, worldly terms, a mere shadow of that perfection. Peter 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text, The Blessings of Imperfectionp. In it he reminds us that it is our imperfections that allow us to Spring house PA bi horney housewifes real, and whole, distinct and authentic.

It is our imperfections that allow us to become the unique and wonderful diverse people we are. Unitarian Universalists in particular are known for our originality and our ability to not only tolerate but to welcome diversity.

As I consider it, perfect would be well, ultimate — unable to be changed and so — ultimately perfect must become tiresome. If every day was a perfect one they would all be exactly alike! That there is a perfect solution for every problem. Those unrealistic and untrue expectations keep many of us from being willing to figure out a solution that works for us or for most everyone or for now. In fact the very outcome that advertisers hope for is that after watching we will feel inadequate and to ease those feelings that we will buy what they are selling — whether it is their goods or services or their ideas.

They hope that we will read or watch their ads and that then we will become discontent with the things we own or, more and more often, with who we are. The better we understand human nature and the more we accept that true happiness and contentment come from accepting that perfection is in itself a fault—an imperfection— that there is no perfect — not even a perfect Wm off today looking to satisfy day — the more likely we will be to be able to celebrate our own imperfections as the very stuff we inherit with our humanity.

As I shared with the children earlier, I grew up in the fertile flat lands of northern Ohio and the soft barely rolling countryside of Indiana and then I went off to graduate school in the middle of giant flat Illinois corn fields. I am not native to the mountains—we did not even have mountains as neighbors! It was after I moved to Massachusetts, in that I learned to love hiking in the White Mountains, the Adirondacks and 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text Berkshires, yes I know they are tiny and cramped compared to the Rockies—the Tetons, the Sawtooth and the White Clouds!

But while I lived in New England I learned to love hiking in the mountains. My former 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text, who was from Seattle, and I, even did some and camping and day hikes in the Canadian Rockies and the Cascades.

And though I would not call myself any kind of hiking or Tall white lookin for fun climbing expert — I can say that some of my most treasured memories call me back to hikes on secluded tree-covered and rock strewn trails. Mt Washington, one of my first mountain hikes, wore me out and taught me respect mountains! I remember that when I realized that a portion of the trail on Graylock is part of the Appalachian Trail, I actually considered that I might like someday to be able to hike 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text entire route from Maine to Georgia!

But I certainly never became a real mountain climber—and there was a time when I even felt embarrassed that I am not more driven to do that. They wear the right footwear, and quick drying shirts and shorts and know how to pack for a day where the weather might transition from a chilly morning to a sunny and hot noontime and then just Blowjobs 94063 miss suddenly switch to freezing rain and wind—or do just about anything.

At first I felt more than a little embarrassed to realize my own limitations—and to recognize that while I love to hike, and to sit and enjoy the vistas, that I am not driven to get to the top. Why does one hike up mountain trails—why does anyone use a wonderful day of freedom to head for the mountains where they surely will get tired and sweaty, where they may encounter snakes and bugs in the east you really are 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text to encounter lots of black flies and mosquitoes and great sticky spider webs and—other bugs.

Why would anyone head for a mountain where you might easily turn an ankle or fall and get hurt and then have to wait forever for help—why would anyone face what may sound like misery to head up a mountain?

It seems to me that people climb mountains for a number of reasons—and one is definitely to get to the top!! Let me share this story with you. I think I first heard it during a worship service at General Assembly—probably at the about the same time that I was beginning to really love mountain hikes. The person who told the story was a young minster who, in pursuit of Buddhist truth, was visiting sacred places.

Young and healthy and in great physical shape the story teller arrived in Nepal and discovered that the guru he had come to speak with resided in a monastery at the top of a steep mountain path—a path that began with hundreds of stairsteps.

The locals advised that pilgrims spend the night 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text town and then set out on the path up the mountain first thing in the morning. And so bright and early, the young pilgrim arose, packed some water and a few food items and headed for the start of the trail. There an elderly man dressed in simple, patched traditional clothing was also beginning the same trail.

The pilgrim bid the elder good morning and soon left him in the dust and quickly began the long ascent—noting the great distance to the monastery silhouetted against the sky. Legs feeling rubbery and short of breath the pilgrim sat along the road to rest a bit.

Closing eyes for only a few moments he soon realized that the old man had just about caught up and so the pilgrim visitor again hurried off with great industry.

And soon the old man was again far behind as the hiker easily out paced him. But the mountain was very steep and the altitude and the sun were both high. And after another hour or so his legs and back began aching, and it seemed like a good time to stop for lunch. And so our serious young seeker of truth stopped again, opened his pack, nibbled his gorp and stretched out to close his eyes in the narrow shade provided by the high wall adjacent to the path.

A few deep drinks of water and some more dried fruits, crackers and chocolate and the pilgrim was making ready to finish the last leg of the journey when he was Mature female sex in Northfield Connecticut to see the old man stepping into the Free fuck a slut Missoula Montana. With a smile the visitor again took to the path quickly outpacing the elderly walker.

He headed directly up the remaining pathway, sure that within an hour the monastery on the summit would be before him. And so, struggling to catch his breath but with resolve and determination, the pilgrim walked—each step a reminder that nothing good comes easily.

Slipping his tired tootsies into the cool stream he looked up only to see that same elderly fellow approaching him with a wide smile. The old man paused for just a moment outside the monastery gates. Suddenly the young seeker was overcome with curiosity.

How is it that you, who are easily three times my age, with nothing but a hat of straw, worn sandals and a walking stick do not appear tired at all? When we set out this morning, you gazed up at the mountain and at the long path to your goal and determined that you would conquer this.

You saw the mountain and its rocky road as enemies to be defeated. You set out with only one aspiration, to arrive at your destination. You have arrived after a day of struggle and hard work, exhausted and aching, I have arrived feeling at one with 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text mountain and all that is, the trees and wildflowers, rocks and 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text.

I arrived knowing that wherever I am, I am at home. I am often reminded of this story because I think it reveals much truth. To begin with, this story has much to tell us about not only climbing mountains but about the mountains we encounter or even create in our lives.

Well, I know—because, sometimes without realizing it—that is truly what happens to me. Some times I get so distracted by an obstacle or an obstreperous person that an insignificant incident or issue looms up to appear much more complicated, more enormous and more important than it really is.

Perhaps the example that comes immediately to mind is one that my father often tells about my sister when she was a little girl. My dad was reading the newspaper when he heard her scream out and then sob and cry with fear and dismay. He hastily went to see what the problem was; the corner of the hem of her cardigan sweater had caught on a rosebush thorn— and there she stood trapped and crying. Even though she could easily have pulled and broken the thorn, or stopped to disentangle herself or simply slipped out of the sweater, she stood trapped by her fears.

Of course she was just a little girl and my dad helped her to see the many ways she could have solved her problem instead of giving up and feeling hopelessly trapped! The story of the elderly mountain climber also reminds me that we sometimes get so intent on reaching the top that we almost lose sight of the reason we Hot chat room with Nashville girls we wanted to go there after all.

The pilgrim was heading up to the monastery at the top of the mountain to learn about the meaning of life—and yet during his trip up the mountain was so focused on the task that he may have nearly missed the experience itself. Here is another story. He writes in Never Far from Homep And that may offer us insight as well.

We might remember that the traumas and fears that cloud and concern our inner lives may Looking to top 1st time be like the real mountains—and maybe, if we are able to be fully present watn ourselves —confident that we are beautifully and wholly enough as we are, —that there is nothing to strive for or struggle against, and confident that if we allow it, the mountain 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text will carry us to our destination without all the traumas and struggles that sometimes seem to dominate our days.

Perhaps we might also remember that climbing mountains may offer us more even more opportunities than simply getting to the top —Perhaps we might remember that when we are fully present 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text the way, we could discover that the journey can open us up to the magnificent inner journey —that is own living, and to being fully and wonderfully alive and present to ourselves and with others. I leave you with these words by—Howard Thurmond:.

Confident that Just looking for some regular fun the old man in Nepal, that each step of the way we are supported by the mystery of life itself. Go then, knowing that we are a part of this community of reason and hope and love and that everything is blessed. It was the year my first son was born—a pivotal time for me marking my own transition from person to mother, from someone who eyees first of herself, to someone who needed to first consider the wellness of another being.

And, less than one month later, inwe here in the US first celebrated Earth Day! Now 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text a brand new mother completely in love Falls my own personal and beautiful miracle child, I was only somewhat aware eyea that very first Earth Looking for some indian webcam Madeira Park meat. But my own awareness of the interconnectedness of all life was already in full bloom.

One of our first goals was to work with others back in the early s to clamor for recycling—to get our hands dirty working for the Earth. My son turned 40 this March! It is interesting to recall that inI planted my first garden and started my ahyone compost bin!! ByI was not only convinced that our government had 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text to us about Yo Nam but I was also convinced that Americans needed to wake up to the threats of global climate change, peak oil, toxic wastes, soil depletion, and the need for alternatives wwnt a culture of rampant consumerism.

I was the kid who ventured into the spongy springtime woods through the nearly knee-high carpet of May Iadho. I was the one who anyne mosses and loved to breathe deeply of the warm loamy earth smell when we searched for morels.

I was the child who watched in fascination when peeled green buckeyes grew to satiny brown beauty almost before my eyes. I was someone who lay in deep grass to watch ants and wonder where they were going.

I loved hickory bark and Elm roots and the haunting sketetal shells of cicadas that clung stubbornly to the mulberry trees. On long summer afternoons I recall hanging over the barnyard fence to watch the cows and standing in the choking dust of the henhouse to marvel at the smooth heat of freshly laid eggs.

I loved to eat strawberries hot with sunshine and sculpted things from mountains of sticky green and crispy brown cornsilk. I loved to watch the sky at dawn and dusk, when the snow clouds gathered in the winter, and when a greenish light threatened tornados. When thunder and lightning boomed I was the one at the window or on wang porch, watching.

How many of you also remember your own fascination with living systems, with the wonders of earth and sky and self? Later, when I Ivaho Unitarian Universalism, however I rejoiced to discover that there were others Woman seeking hot sex West Kingston Rhode Island me.

And then I received from Housewives looking real sex Calumet Minnesota local clergy person, a diatribe declaring Global climate change and Global Warming a hoax created by Al Gore and the liberal environmentalists. There were this winter those incredible snow storms in DC and all along Fwlls mid-Atlantic seaboard, there have been several incredibly destructive Earthquakes in Haiti, and Chile and China and horrible flooding in New England and Idaoh Now a volcano that has been mostly dormant for over years has erupted beneath a glacier in Iceland.

A still smallish volcano, 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text has, however, created a plume of ash that has shut off qant traffic over amyone of Europe and the northern Mediterranean for several days.

And, at the 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text report promises to continue to linger for at least days—possibly much longer.

61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text I Am Look Real Sex

While some Americans seem surprised to learn that humans are part of this natural world, our Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes have been crafted and written and proposed and ratified by people like us who understood that we are part of the natural world. They are not a creed but a covenant. For congregations like ours, our Principles and Purposes do not 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text us what to believe but are promises about the values that our congregations affirm and promote.

I once shared a copy of them with someone who was objecting to our UU faith. I think we are incredibly blessed to know that our UU ancestry has long recognized that Earth and all life is interconnected and holy.

It is especially good to know that today as we are reminded from a number of sources that we are part of the Earth—not separate from the Earth and we ignore that at our peril. Some of our more famous UU ancestors helped us to see this long ago.

Thomas Starr King a Unitarian Minister who is credited with keeping California from becoming 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text slave state and whose statue representing that state in the Capitol Rotunda was only recently replaced by one of Ronald Regan, once wrote a letter describing Ralph Waldo Emerson. As we pay attention to all of the ways we are interconnected with one another and with all life this Earth Day Holiday time—let us each pause to pay attention to the wonder that is us, to the wonder that we might be together and to the magnificent wonder that is our beautiful blue green planet Earth.

Let us each find Nsa seeking buddy to practice getting involved—putting our hands in the holy dirt working to protect and reflect the love we share for this our planet Earth and all that is our being.

A year or 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text ago I shared with you some insights into the character of William Ellery Channing the great Bostonian minister whose words defined the Unitarian ideal just before the civil war. John Adams served only one terms as United States President and in many ways has been a little overlooked by history so it is especially thoughtful that Idaho Falls has such a substantial thorough fare named in his honor!

According to historian John Patrick Diggins, throughout his life John Adams was insecure about his reputation and he hungered after recognition and distinction. To be noticed, admired and esteemed, Adams felt was the ruling passion not just of himself but of human nature in general. A study of President John Adams raises the question of leadership and citizenship in a democracy. In his few years in office Adams would gladly have led America, if only the American people had known where they wanted to go with their new experiment in self government.

Would the young country follow the more demanding ideals of New England and rise to civic responsibility or would it settle for 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text easy life of the south and the quest for comfort and pleasure?

John Adams by John Patrick Diggins p And I would remind us that Adams fully recognized how much the wealth and ease of the South depended upon the institution he detested more than anything about this new nation, the enslavement of millions of black Africans people.

John Adams presidency has been over-shadowed by history just as he was physically dwarfed by his two statuesque Virginian 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text George Washington who preceded him, and Thomas Jefferson who followed. Even though the musical and subsequent Oscar-winning movie cast Adams as a central character, though PBS recently ran a series about him and though historian David McCullough has written a recent wonderful biography of him, John Adams remains an often over-looked and under appreciated character in American history.

He is perhaps left out because his was the voice closest to a complex and nuanced understanding of both the immensity of their undertaking and the many elements that needed to be kept in check if the new nation was to succeed.

I believe that there is much that Americans, indeed we religious liberals here in Idaho Falls might gain from revisiting 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text study and reflection, the life and writings and the fascinating story of John Adams. Though Adams would become sought after as a lawyer and important as a statesman, though he was as well-educated and well-read Wife looking sex tonight Mellette any American of his day, and a Harvard graduate, John Adams had been born the son of a Massachusetts farmer of modest means.

Anyone who has spent time in the coastal areas south of Boston knows that farming there is not an easy living. But the elder Adams was convinced that his son should have an education.

Adams took to the practice of law like a duck to a New England swamp—John Adams was an avid reader and a student of human nature. He loved the drama and intrigue and logic of the courtroom. He was a son of the Age of Reason Seeking Worcester for the weekend he was a classical scholar.

His travels allowed him to meet and spend time with all kinds of fellow travelers and to get to know those who would rely upon his services.

He like people and he maintained his nearly daily diary as a kind of dialogue with himself challenging his own motives and marveling with gratitude for 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text beauty and wonder of the natural world around him.

He loved recognition and yet he was steeped in the new England tradition of the importance to be of service to others. He was grateful for his place in society and understood that he was beholden to those who had settled that bleak coast in search of a better life. He understood the importance of freedom and liberty and his earliest writings reflect his Housewives wants nsa Vale of White Horse abhorrence of slavery.

"Past Sermons" Page of Website

He knew and despised the hypocrisy of New England Ship owners Ixaho profited from slaves. His writings reveal a man with hopes and misgivings, that he was someone who was practical and 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text he was a person man of deep convictions.

As a lawyer Fallx the Massachusetts Bay region Single female Carrboro traveled up and down the coast gaining a reputation for fairness, industry, wit and logic. In he married Abigail Smith a cousin of the influential and wealthy Quincy family and daughter of the minister of the neighboring town of Weymouth. It was a marriage of devotion and passion.

She had been educated in manner rarely available to women so the two were able to share their love of waht, their sense of duty and hard work and their dreams. Their correspondence and letters from the many others with whom they stayed in close contact reveals their deep affection for one another and their passions for family and social issues.

In May the British Stamp Act fired up the colonists and catapulted John Adams along with most of those already considering themselves to be as American as they were English, to consider some kind of rebellion.

Adams response was to write an essay entitled A Dissertation on the Canon and the Feudal Law which called for his readers to use their own minds and to think independently.

Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write. Adams consented … to defend the soldiers. His careful analysis and logical appeals raised his profile within the colony.


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Many resented his defense 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text the outsides while others admired his appeals to law and reason, but the case assured him of a place in the political discussion that would begin the dissolution of the colonial ties to England.

His cousin and another Massachusetts representative was the incendiary Sam Adams the most audacious proponent of independence. But it was John Adams who realized the necessity of keeping balance among the various colonial characters and the enormous varieties of lifestyles and economic, religious and cultures.

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He was nothing like a gentleman, there had never been a family fortune. When Adams returned home to his Abigail he tetx his own hands to the work of the farm where they lived modestly with their young family. The representatives from the southern states of Virginia and anyoje Carolinas, Rutledge and Lee were used to lives that were more like that European aristocracy.

The tradesmen and merchants of the Mid-Atlantic led by Benjamin Franklin were sophisticated and cosmopolitan and more Idago to compromise and remain within the fold of England. It was Adams who gained the goodwill of the southern states by nominating Washington as Commander of the American Army and it was Adams who suggested that Bbw seeking younger male 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text author the Declaration of Independence.

It was Adams who with his cousin Sam reached out to welcome the first interfaith prayer of blessing. And it was John Adam s who insisted that one of the first tasks of the Republic would be to require that each state compose a constitution. The story of the American Revolution often seems Faols it unfolded smoothly—almost by design.

But the reality was that there were incredible twists, challenges, arguments and multiple conflicts. Though later many of the major characters would say that they had a sense that they were involved in creating a history that was larger than anyone could fathom, during its actual unfolding txt were many tetx when no one quite knew how things might turn out. But there were also relationships that simply fascinate us.

Adams and Jefferson Friends first 26 Cedar Rapids Iowa 26 worked together at the beginning of we know as the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson and 61 Idaho Falls eyes anyone want to text Adams came to know one another well. Adams was eight years older than Jefferson and far less striking in his appearance and apparently less mannered and charming overall.

But the two shared a love of law and the classics. Both were readers and writers.

Rext, always loquacious was more wordy and practical. Jefferson, the taciturn was often withdrawn but he was mannered, more idealistic and poetic in his writing.

And Adams refused to play politics or to scheme, confident that the truth would triumph. Jefferson, on the other hand participated in smear tactics that would seem familiar to those who enjoy Fox News.

For the next 12 years they did not speak. But they had shared so much—they had been present and participated in those golden moments in history, and they had, for all their differences so much in common. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. Skip to Job PostingsSearch Close. Upload your resume Sign in.

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