Cafe Yesterday

My friend Max Newton asked me to be the featured at the Open Mic that he hosts with JC Torbillion. Since he has not made rude remarks on the net for a good year, I thought "Shit, Why Not!" At this event I was joined by Robert Leigh on Banjo and Sven Stalman on....... Okay, he told me what it was but he kept puling all these horns out of a bag like that old Luckys grocery store commercial from the 80's. Remember that? He had one horn that could play one key and not the other and another horn that could play another key but not a certain key. So just to fuck with him I played a song that modulates between 2 keys the horn can't play. And you know what? He pulled it off. I'll have that video up soon. The one I have up now is Robert and I playing the song "Cure."


Andressa August 05, 2013 @09:18 am

This site is like a clsrasoom, except I don't hate it. lol