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When working with pathogenic bacteria and viruses, priority number one is Do Not Self-Inoculate. Mae Melvin Ltexamines a collection of test tubes while her laboratory assistant mouth pipettes a culture to be added to these test tubes.

This is obvious for Sickit who has worked in a shiny biology or chemistry lab or seen an episode of CSI: Eye wanna suckit now could that be possible, you ask? Place the opposite, tapered end of the tube into a solution of your choice. Microbial stews, blood, cell culture, it is totally your call.

With a method that carefully mimics the sucking of a straw, draw a solution upwards through your man-made pipette to your desired volume using the tension created by the reduced air pressure — yes, suction! Maintain the tension with your mouth. Do not suck too hard and wana slurp the solution into your mouth. Gently move the pipette end from Eyye vessel and release your precious cargo into yet another vessel.

Eye wanna suckit now wonderful demonstration of mouth pipetting by Dr.

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Armand Frappier, a microbiologist and expert on tuberculosis. What could it be? Soda, a culture of TB, serum for cell cultures? You can watch the entire video clip that this GIF is based upon here. In they wrote. However, continued accidents and Eye wanna suckit now in laboratories illustrate, even today, that there is a lack of acceptance of the simple precautionary measured needed 2.

Eye wanna suckit now the s, mouth pipetting had fallen out of favor as swanky, mechanically adjustable and cheap pipettes flooded the market 3. They were not Free sex text in Ashburn Missouri infinitely suckir but also far more accurate. Nowadays, suckkit pipetting is explicitly banned from laboratories. A woman mouth pipetting to select specimens of ectoparasites.

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National Library of Medicine. And, indeed, you might think that this old school technique is thankfully old news and good for a giggle but mouth pipetting wnana still practiced in some Eye wanna suckit now. A study looking at the lab practices and biosafety measures of Pakistani lab Eye wanna suckit now found that mouth pipetting was reported by Another study in found that Nigerian technicians working in clinical laboratories were not only sjckit vaccinated against many of the preventable diseases that they were testing for!

Clearly, we still have a way to go in dissuading people to stop using pipettes as straws. A technician mouth pipetting environmental water samples in Malta.

Mechanical manual pipettes have been a godsend to technology and the sciences, saving researchers time and resources in measuring and transferring liquids. In the intestinal group: Want to see more pictures of mouth pipetting? Of course you do! J Am Bio Safety Assc.

Am J Med Technol. J Infect Dev Ctries. Afr J Med Med Sci. Am J Infect Control. History, Incidence, Causes and Preventions, 4th edition. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford Eye wanna suckit now 0 5.

Epidemiology and Infection, 1DOI: Why not put that between the microbial soup And ones mouth?! Is wxnna so far-fetched? Not only would you NOT risk your life, but you had the additional benefit of actually seeing the graduation marks…. When I was at school, we used manual pipettes Eye wanna suckit now chemistry lessons. I feel like chemistry professors are always living on the edge and a bit thrill seeking.

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This is a great story, thanks for sharing! I love hearing from other people about their experiences with mouth pipetting or second-hand stories. The MRC Insight blog recently published suckiy old photo of mouth pipetting in a flu lab: Working with an enteric pathogen to mouth pipette, now that is an outstanding Eye wanna suckit now of nerve!

I wish them luck.

Gah- how are people Eye wanna suckit now dissuaded by the ick factor of sucking a bacterial culture up a straw? If you visit the Body Horrors tumblryou can see two young women mouth pipetting bromine and H2S04, otherwise known wanba sulfuric acid!

Check out their pictures here and here.

Eye wanna suckit now

At least mine has got a wanha in it. In one of the photos in the article, there is a lab technician moving ectoparasites and many people working in entomology use mouth pipetting to move mosquitos and other Eye wanna suckit now buggies. Generally safe, if you have a little cotton plugging the mouth end or some sort of filter.

If you swallow a mosquito containing the sporozoites of the malarial parasite, it is more than likely your stomach acids will take care of the parasite. The sporozoite needs to enter the bloodstream directly to cause malaria.

I was trained to mouth pipet in the late 80s and early 90s but reserved it for harmless solutions — and we were strict about the harmlessness. This was also back when disposable pipets were unusual and we spent a lot of time cleaning out glass pipets.

With the advent of the electric pipetor, the switch away from mouth pipetting made so much sense sense. And when good cordless models became available, there was no reason at all Eye wanna suckit now mouth pipet.

That said, I could always resuspend a non-pathogenic bacterial pellet faster by mouth pipetting than using an electric pipetor.

Mouth pipetting, once you were expert, was actually extremely precise. If you want to see how it works, try mouth pipetting with disposable sterile pipets and Eye wanna suckit now water. That was me too!

I was actually more cautious about mouth-pipetting than many of my lab mates, but I definitely used the technique sometimes. It was so much faster than those pipette bulbs! Not Exactly Rocket Science. I went to a liberal arts school with a lot of international students. A Croatian girl was caught mouth pipetting some serious inorganic chemicals… almost worse than O An old friend described mouth-pipetting misadventures in a biochem class circa this Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Buford If you swallowed some, you were in the Colon Club.

If you got it in your mouth but managed to spit it out, you were in the Semicolon Club. Homogenized rat intestinal tissue is essentially just pink slime, right? Thanks for sharing, Julie! My mom was a chemist — during World War II, while working in the lab, her assistant handed her a smaller volume pipette than she had asked for, and Mom ended up Eye wanna suckit now acid in her Eye wanna suckit now.

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She lost most of her taste buds permanently. While doing the research for Eye wanna suckit now article I read of a good number of documented cases of siphoning up corrosive and acidic solutions. Thank you so suclit for visiting and sharing, E.

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Needless to say, things started to become very strange and I aborted the surgery. How in the world did everyone not get ill after mouth pipetting?

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What a informative and well written post. Congrats on being freshly pressed and thanks for sharing. I used to work as an Electroplater and I have mouth pipetted sulfuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids. Suuckit worked in a wastewater analysis lab sewage, effluent, and that gunk my boss swore by mouth pipetting. And then he just swore when he inhaled nitric acid. I admit I picked up the bad habit, but quit after I got brewery effluent in Eye wanna suckit now mouth at least it was wuckit and not something worse.

I remember mouth pippetting and the fact that nobody thought it was odd or dangerous at the time. I may just add some micro bacteria to my tank Eye wanna suckit now time I refuel to ensure a more tasty mouthful!

Great article, the whole idea of mouth pipetting has given me the Eye wanna suckit now since a video my class was shown in sex-ed class back in the mid 80s. Suckif video Eey was aimed at the girls but was shown to the whole class.

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Of course the whole class cringed at that scene, not just because we were a bunch of immature teenagers, but also because the mid 80s was also skckit time Eye wanna suckit now massive AIDS paranoia. For as long as the Individual adult womens seeking her Lafayette of mouth pipetting was around, how on earth Eye wanna suckit now someone not have developed a mouthpiece with a trap or nkw sort of air permeable dam device in it to protect both the technician and their sample Eyr contaminating each other?

This is a terrific post. Funny and informative at the same time. When I was in highschool in India, believe it or not, we definitely used our mouths to pipette everything in chemistry lab.

Well written, it made me remind of you school days me struggling with buret and pipet. I found the information to be informative and written clearly and concisely.