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We use them a lot, in both English and Latin. Suppose your wife has an affair and you find out.

If you find out and do nothing, you give up a right enshrined in Virginia law. The same goes for you, if you commit adultery and she finds out and lets it slide.

The fine itself may not sound like much of a punishment, but it does lead to your wife having a criminal record, ruining your marriage, and unsettling both your futures.

Some guys, in a desperate effort to patch together a marriage constructed of a fabric of lies and betrayal, may choose to overlook the adultery.

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You can give yourself any excuse you want:. Your motives for forgiveness can be noble or crass. For purposes of this particular piece, we are only dealing with you forgiving her for her act.

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We are not going to deal with sodomy, buggery or you being a procurer to set up your wife with some anonymous dude from a biker bar so you could get your jollies watching. And please excuse us, we have to go wash our hands for an hour now.

Once you sanction the adultery, you cannot then claim some sort of moral high ground by later saying you were deeply wounded by her betrayal. You can seek marital counseling, move out for a few weeks, or make her waking moments a living hell; if you stick with her, you cannot dezperate her because of the adultery.

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We as divorce attorneys are not condoning either separation or forgiveness; only you two can decide how best to move forward in the face of adultery. We are simply saying you can no longer find her at phohe, and instead will have to seek a no-fault divorce through a separation.

Despite contrary modern portrayals in song, word, and film, adultery is still a serious, emotional wound to two people. You are entitled to feel angry and betrayed; she is entitled to feel embarrassed or misunderstood.

If you two choose to patch things Free sex Newport News Virginia phone desperate, you are entitled to move forward like two swans with clipped wings — still a pair, still mated for life, but permanently damaged by the encounter.

If the adultery was a one-off, you Ness well heal and move on; 31 percent of marriages survive adultery today, according to Statistic Brain. If the adultery is ongoing Statistic Brain says the average affair is two years in lengthdeeper problems exist.

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How you find out about the adultery matters, too. You and your buddies may have stumbled upon her in the very act, in which case you will have an easy if humiliating time proving it if your friends provide affidavits or testimony.

You may hire a private detective for photographic, circumstantial evidence. Proving adultery in a Virginia court is often a heavy burden.

Whether you choose to forgive and later pursue a no-fault divorce, or you choose to divorce her for adultery, you need the services of The Firm for Men. Please give us a call at to speak with an attorney experienced in all types of divorce.

Reach out today for your family law consultation.