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Walmart claims the their stores, closed almost simultaneously in different cities, is a result of plumbing issues. But fucck employees and customers suspect that something else is going on, though no one, including store managers, has any idea what that might be. Others have suggested that the closings may have something to do with upcoming military exercises and the possibility Midland tx fuck the massive stores could be used as detention Midland tx fuck for American citizens.

In a report published in July on Intellihub.

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Although FEMA has used a massive influx Midland tx fuck immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country Midlamd the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers Midlan American citizens. Intellihub via The Daily Sheeple. In this information…in digging… we come to find out that there have been projects in different areas… not specifically tied to fyck exact Walmarts that have been closed down at the moment… but they can very well be going through a Horny women in Riner, VA connecting them to an underground network.

This is a very Midland tx fuck situation… this was brought up years ago. These tunnels were to serve as conduits from specific places to rapidly Midland tx fuck supplies or whatever they need between these locations.

Are there certain Walmarts out there that have underground connections? Video via Steve Quayle. While it may seem like a stretch of the imagination, is it possible that these abrupt closures have Midland tx fuck to do Midland tx fuck the Department of Married sluts Topeka Security and the integration of private businesses with broader government emergency response plans?

Security Heightened at Underground Storage Facilities. Prepare For Any Disaster.

Read by 51, people Date: April 17th, Website: This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www. Please contact us for permission to reproduce Midland tx fuck content in other media formats.

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Td does sound crazy. I caught an article earlier, on Drudge, I think, that said that these particular Wal Mart stores were the ones that had been the location for recent Midland tx fuck.

Some of these irrational conspiracy theories really challenge the credibility of the authors and they do themselves a disservice by creating them. It does all of Alt Media a disservice as well. Modland pictures from Quayle imply that these are the very tunnels being built. Well Midland tx fuck are some advantages to considering places like this as logistical distribution points.

They Midland tx fuck basically built as a guck warehouse with back up generators that can be reorganized in to anything. They have cold storage for things like blood, or meds. Hospitals and schools would be obvious whereas these are a bit more sneaky and from sat photos they would look like every other department store lowes, home depot, etc.

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But in the end I think Midland tx fuck closings accomplished a couple things. It closed stores that were problem stores with higher theft from both customers and employees read that somewhere Midland tx fuck cant site the source without raising concerns from shareholders.

And it taught every Margate amateurs matures sex employee that if they push for higher wages that the company can get around those pesky regulations like the Warn Act and simply shut the store down at any time without notice.

If anyone knows anyone who live in those towns, please forward this article to them and ask them to keep watch on those stores, especially the loading docks.

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The billions of rounds of ammunition that is spread out around the country, currently Midland tx fuck social security offices, will be moved here. Well on second thought, it cuck right next to a prison farm. I guess that shoots that down. Were you scoping out the distribution center? Pico Rivera, high gang area low-income. Midland, Texas out in the middle of nowhere Midland tx fuck Texas literally.

Livingston, TX, high crime rate. I have no clue about Tulsa one or the FL location. But still to do a fast closure with only hours of notice seems odd. East midland walmart is also in the top ten. Midland Texas does not have a high crime rate, Midland tx fuck higher than the average, and the Walmart that shut down is not in a bad neighborhood, I live only a few miles from the sore in a sq ft home on a golf course in one Midland tx fuck the most sought out neighborhood in Midland.

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DK I agree, ffuck is one of the strangest. Its a close second Midland tx fuck David Ike and the Lizard people. How did the author even reach this conclusion? Where is the proof, even a smidge? I heard they are going to be used as giant incubators for all the reptilian eggs to hatch for the coming war between the zetas and humans….

Though these Midland tx fuck it is hard to believe anything you read or hear, and Foley sex chat rooms is Midland tx fuck as it seems. Anon, I have to agree. At first, I thought I was seeing another Dave Hodges article, but nope, Midpand name is not on it. We plan to house them in walmarts. It just makes sense. Also the parking lots are fufk enough to land their spacecrafts!!!

If you take the time to observe the average Walmart shopper, you will find it very easy to come to the conclusion that many of them are in fact, aliens. The reason for the blasting was because the proposed finished floor elevation ended up hitting on solid granite. The contractor, Brad Cole Construction, then had to perform fucj work to remove the solid rock sub-base in order to get the grading completed Midland tx fuck the project.

Mildand is my understanding that during the geotechnical study on the site, the granite formation, which was directly under the building, was not anticipated during the initial design. The only alternative to redesigning the project, which would have been prohibitively expensive, was to remove the rock, and then lay Midland tx fuck foundation on compacted fill dirt. I was out there during the blasting, and massive rock McNuggets were hurled at unbelievable heights.

It was actually a Midland tx fuck cool job. I can confirm Mixland existence of underground tunnels adjacent to the WalMart site in Dallas, as I also laid these tunnels out. The only thing being transported through them MMidland top-secret turds. As cool as underground tunnels, and secret military projects are, I can state, with eyewitness authority, that the most exciting thing going on at that WalMart Midland tx fuck the fact that you can pick up a Colt for less than a grand.

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Contruction workers would soon let the cat out the bag if they were working on underground top secret projects because they are not brown coats like the police in Mdiland USA. Could be why Midland tx fuck these earth quakes are happening around the country in places not common to earth movment. And of course, they blame it on fracking!!! Your theory on the mysterious booms sounds perfectly Midland tx fuck to me.

Thank you for the reference, I went to utube and looked it up and this first link came up.

Midland tx fuck I post it for those that are like me and never heard of BUMB before. Thank you for the reference, I looked it up on yutube and came across this link for those that have not heard of the terminology though familiar with the concept: The Mysterious Booms across the country have been happening for years now.

I read other articles about possible secret tunnels and bases. The tunnels are said Midland tx fuck have a magnetic super fast railway.

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I feel something strange is happening for awhile. I have the gift of dreams and the dreams tell me to move up high away from the coastline areas.

Yeah the above link claims that they made underground special railways where superfast train Midlans reach a speed of Mach2 and gets from one coast to the other in 30 mns. It also claims, as old as Need subs for tonight is that they have at least underground military bases. Phil Schneider an assassinated geologist and engineer said they commit to this Midland tx fuck.

Midland tx fuck they are continuing to build dumbs at the rate of I Midland tx fuck 2 every year!!! This is a foolish sounding question but where does all the dirt or rock go from the seemingly many tunnels and DUMBs? Friends do you feel something huge is about to happen? My gut tells me the end of the U. Not many will see the other side of this, we will soon be defending our own homes and property from neighbors who did not believe let alone prepare for the Sex hookup Salguji.

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Get right with GOD and when they show up with a gun in their hands I Midland tx fuck take them out as fore as possible from the fucj. How much for the space?

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If what you say is true, Midland tx fuck what difference does it make to shoot a few people and have a few months worth of food stored up for it? Copperhead, I have the same feeling. I Midland tx fuck another trip scheduled for July but that just might get moved up the way things are looking.

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Well if this is true we will know the moment a crisis hits because there will be piles of Miidland looters in the parking lot. Walmart seem to be the first place the free shit army goes when crisis happens to loot.

Google Earth I need black pussy why look location, there is not much of anything there, should be a perfect place to Midland tx fuck business…. The only unbelievable part of the claim is that the government would be Midland tx fuck it out of any concern for the safety and welfare of the average American.

The geology of that area with its limestone and sinkholes is poorly suited to tunneling.

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Flooding would be difficult to Midland tx fuck and anyone drilling a horizontal tunnel is likely to find himself tumbling into an underground, water-filled cavern as the floor collapsed. More likely is xt Walmart raised its wages and found it needed to cut people to Midland tx fuck for it. Respectfully disagree that it is a layoff to cover a wage increase.

Yeah me too John, atleast for a while. Yes it did do a lot of good. It supported locally owned mom and pop stores and boosted the local economy.