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Comparatively few mothre such genealogies have been published, and it is indeed surprising that the race pride which is supposed to exist among Irish people and their American descendants of the first and second generations has not found expression in the publication of many more family histories.

It is unfortunate that the Irish in America have not shown greater industry in this respect, and Newoort one who examines the early public records Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia the country must at once conclude that, the [page vii]. A member of the Virginia branch of the McCarthy family, on reading the manuscript of this volume, remarked that he could not understand why, in the published histories of Virginia, the record of the McCarthys had been ignored.

I reminded him of the fact that this applies to many other American families descended [page viii]. Irish-blooded Americans are, however, themselves to blame if their people have been relegated to a place of no importance in American history. Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia many years they have been complaining that "the historians have kept us out of history," remindful of the fact that the fault is all their own, since the real facts are readily obtainable if they would only devote to the work a part of the energy that they waste in denouncing unsympathetic historians.

Since a nation is but as, aggregation of individuals and families, it has Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia well said that "the history of a country is but the history of its people," and in the numerous published genealogies of American families and the Milf dating in Uvalda works of historical societies are found some of the most interesting items of the nation's history.

American genealogists, however, have devoted their attention mainly to families of English or Dutch descent, because the demand for their work came chiefly from those sources. There is a strong and ever increasing reason, therefore, to see this state of affairs remedied, to look into the emigrant ancestry of Americans of Irish blood.

No attempt has been made to extend this account of the American McCarthys beyond the eighteenth daugted.

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I believe, however, it should be and can readily be done, for their descendants are numerous in this country, although in some instances the male line has died out and many of their collateral descendants cannot now be recognized at all.

It would undoubtedly be a matter of great interest to the numerous McCarthys throughout Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia United States if the full story were told, especially of the [page x].

The MacCarthys are one of the most ancient families of Ireland. One need not dilate at length on the glories of the name in ancient or modern Ireland; enough, that the family Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia furnished princes and men of eminence from MacCarthy Mor down to Justly McCarthy, the brilliant author of the present day.

The antiquarians tell us that the founder of the family was Cormac, King of Munster, A. Burke, the leading authority on English and Irish peerages, declares that "few pedigrees in the British empire, if any, can be traced to a more remote or more exalted source than that of the Celtic mothe of MacCarthy," 1 and the learned Dr. O'Brien says that "it was the most illustrious of all Heyworth IL sex dating families whose names Seking with Mac.

The ancestry of the family can be traced through twenty-eight monarchs who governed Ireland, Grandmother date match to the dawn of Christianity, and, if regard be had to primogeniture and seniority of descent, the MacCarthy family is the first in Ireland.

Unless the Roman Forum be regarded as a law school, Cormac's was the first law school in existence, and it was he also who gave to Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia world that system of chronicogy which makes the records of a country from year to year synchronize with the history of other countries, by collaring events with the reigns of contemporary foreign potentates.

Their possessions were located chiefly in the Counties of Cork and Kerry, where for centuries they maintained their princely predominance, and in the sixteenth century their influence in Ireland was so great that all Queen Elizabethan designs were aimed at the destruction of their power!

An Irish poet has sung of them: Heroes of history, phantoms of fable, Charlemange's champions and Arthur's round table. The pedigree of the family as traced by the Irish antiquarians shows that they were a numerous Sept, and for several centuries they were divided into three great stems, each subdivided into several minor, and dependent, but still powerful branches.

For several generations the descendants in the main line were known chiefly as Kings of Desmond, the MacCarthy Reaghs Coon girls nude Princes of Carbery and Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia third branch as Lords of Muskerry.

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They had several castles in Cork and Kerry. Descriptions of them say that these castles were [page xiv]. One of the most noted members of the family was Florence MacCarthy, who flourished in the latter part of the fifteenth and early in the sixteenth centuries.

In the Pacata Hibernia and in Smith's histories of Cork, Kerry Sexy married women fuck buck Waterford much interesting detail is related of his career, and "The Life and Letters of Florence MacCarthy Reagh, Tanist of Carbery," compiled from documents in the English State Paper Office at London, by one of his descendants, Daniel MacCarthy Glas, is one of the most interesting and valuable contributions to the history of the family that has ever been published.

This Florence was a collateral descendant of Donal Mor na-Caura in the twelfth generation, and according to O'Hart in the year he was "solemnly created The MacCarthy Mor with all the rites and ceremonies of his family for hundreds of generations, which title and dignity was formally approved of by Hugh [page xv].

Another famous member of the family was Donough MacCarthy, Lord of Muskerry, who Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia created Earl of ClanCarthy inand was commander of the Munster forces in the wars in Ireland in and against the Cromwellians in He was exiled to the Continent and his property conferred on his second wife, Ellen, sister of the Duke of Ormond.

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He Vorginia a son named Donal who was known as the Buchaill Ban, or "the fair-haired boy," and this Donal was the father of Donal, or Daniel, McCarty of Virginia, hereinafter referred to as an exile from Ireland to Virginia after the Treaty of Limerick in Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia, eldest son of Donough, became Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia officer of the English navy and when he fell by the side of the Duke of York afterwards King James IIat a great naval engagement between the English and Dutch Fleets in the yearit was decided that he should be honored with a public funeral, and "accordingly, with all imaginable heraldic [page xvi].

The unfortunate Earl, thus deprived of his estates, retired to Altona in Germany and purchased a little island at the mouth of the Elbe, where he died in the year In a news despatch Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia "London, October 1, ," printed in the American Weekly Mercury of Philadelphia for the week, December, I find the following interesting comments: She died at Copenhagen in the yearwhither she accompany'd her Lord in Banishment he having been attainted for having taken up Arms in Ireland for that unhappy Princeleaving Issue a Son and a Daughter, Viz.

But, the faction which at that time ruled the English Naughty ladies want casual sex South Kingstown [page xviii]. On the defeat of his troops at Enniskillen in he was made prisoner, but he escaped and orr to France where he met with a most flattering reception from Louis XIV, at whose hands he had the distinction of receiving a commission of Lieutenant-General Lonely older women in Waraabow him to command all the Irish troops in the service of France.

He died at Barrege in France in the year of wounds received Newpotr battle. His wife was Arabella, daughter of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, and one of his grand-daughters became the wife, first of the famous Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan, who dauger the Irish army during the siege of Limerick, and second of James Fitzjames, Duke of Berwick, natural son of James the Second.

An reconfirmed tradition in the McCarty family of Virginia says that the Dennis MacCarthy of Rappahannock County Personal sex contacts Cape Girardeau referred to was a son Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia Justin, Lord Mountcashel, but the pedigree of the family makes no mention of a son named Dennis and it is said, in fact, that "the Earl of Mountcashel left no male issue".

S about the middle of the last century. Walking one evening in his demesne, he observed a figure, apparently asleep, at the foot of an aged tree, and, pr the spot, found an old man extended on the ground, whose audible sobs proclaimed the severest ambition.

S enquired the cause Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia was answered 'Forgive me, sir, my grief is idle, but to mourn is a relief to the desolate heart and humbled spirit. I am a MacCarthy, once the possessor of that castle, now in ruins, and of this ground; this tree was planted by my own hands and I have returned to water its roots Ladies want nsa Greensboro my tears.

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To-morrow I sail for Spain, where I have long been an exile and an outlaw since the Revolution. I am an old man, and to-night, probably for the last time, bid farewell to the place of my birth and the house of my forefathers. He lived at Toulouse as late asand of him a writer in Bolster's Quarterly Magazine 14 many years ago wrote: No other library in Europe possessed so large a number of printed Horny housewives in Tuscaloosa manuscript books on vellum, of which scarce and ot material alone it contained not less than volumes.

His sons, nevertheless, at his death, found themselves under the necessity of parting with it, and thus the splendid literary cabinet, the pride of this unfortunate family, became Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia over England and France!

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The names and data here given are obtained by examination of the records, and where the records themselves were not obtainable, from official copies of them published by the various states, the town and county histories, genealogies, publications of historical societies and other reliable sources. How many more McCarthys [page xxi]. While there are clear indications that some of the American Irish McCarthys of those early days were of the better classes and were men Experienced master wanted education and refinement, who, "preferring an altar in the desert to a coronet at court," voluntarily expatriated themselves to the Colonies, I have no doubt that the majority of those whose names appear in the early records crossed the seas as poor "redemptioners" and had to work their way against obstacles of the most difficult character.

But, their record in America has been an honorable Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia and in several instances they Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia their immediate descend- [page xxii]. Although the correct spelling of the name is "MacCarthy," I have selected for the title of this book the form of the name in most general use, viz. The labor of collecting this material has been great, yet it is only part of other more extensive researches that I have made into the history of Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia early Irish in America, and this may serve as an explanation of what will probably be noticed by my readers, namely, that in the case of many of the McCarthys whose names appear in public records I have furnished very little details of their history.

That is because my opportunities for research were often limited and were confined largely to places where the information is readily accessible. It is noted that they came to this country, not direct from Ireland but from the port of London.

At that time and during the period of Oliver Cromwell's activities in Ireland, thousands of Irish youths of both sexes were forcibly seized, Newpory to English ports and thence transported across the seas. Some were sent to the islands of the West Indies and others to the American Colonies, where they were placed in the service of the planters of Virginia and New England, and Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia the Colonial records may be found the names of many of those Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia boys and girls acting as servitors to their English masters.

No discrimination was made as to the social standing of the families who were visited by these [page 3]. It is not perhaps, Seejing too much to say that Charles and Owen McCartie were brothers, and no doubt at their age were able-bodied men, and consequently equipped by nature to brave the unknown perils and undergo the privations of a savage and unreclaimed wilderness. If, as Hollis ohio sluts from a tradition which exists among the McCartys of Virginia, they left the protection of the seaboard settlements and proceeded inland as the servitors of some planter or to carve out destinies Newpotr themselves, we can Wife seeking sex tonight NY Brooklyn 11225 that they were possessed of no mean courage, when we consider the conditions that prevailed in the then unexplored region that stretched from Chesapeake Bay north and west to the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah mountains.

At this period, much of that territory was nothing more than a vast hunting ground upon which the savage tribes of the west and south killed elk and buffalo and occasionally encountered each other in bloody conflict. Few permanent settlements existed within its borders. It was inhabited mostly by Indians hostile to the whites, each and all of whom fiercely disputed the settlement of the territory.

To meet these conditions required men with nerves of iron and sinews of steel, and it is men of that caliber only Seeikng were instrumental in redeeming the Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia Southwest from the savage and opening the way for the Seekong of civilization which Seekin since poured Seekking its fertile plains.

The family tradition says that Charles and Owen, in [page 4]. But, despite the tradition, it is hardly probable Traben-Trarbach chick massage Charles and Owen McCartie were Newporh the founders of Kinsale, because their names do not appear in any of the Virginia land records.

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It cannot be supposed that the "founders" of a town could be other than substantial colonists, and as nearly all men of standing and substance in those days were landed proprietors, since it does not appear that Charles or Owen McCartie received any grant of land from the Colony it must be assumed that they were employed in some lowly capacity.

However, according to a statement made by Captain W. Page McCarty, a former editor of the Richmond Times, whose information was obtained from the papers of his father, Newort 5]. Stanard, Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society and one of the leading authorities on early Virginia history, informs me: Stanard's statement as correct that the Vlrginia, the McCartys and the others came to Virginia about the same time, the statement as to the founding of the town of Kinsale "about the year ," would seem to be con- [page 6].

Members of the Travers and Rice families are mentioned several times in Virginia records in connection with the McCartys. Their daughter is on record as marrying "William Travers Gentleman," whose will also bears the Rice arms. This John Rice, his wife Virgini his brother, James, were refugees from Ireland to the Island of Barbadoes and their names appear in the list of worshippers at St. Michael's Catholic Church, Barbadoes, inand on August 3,they are on record as receiving tickets to emigrate from Barbadoes to Virginia on the ship, Young William.

With the exception of Charles and Owen, no other [page Virgiinia. In addition to the data secured from public records, Hayden's Virginia Genealogies dauhter many interesting items linking the members of this family with other historic families of the South, although it is clear that Hayden erred in several instances, probably because he failed to examine all of the records or became confused through the constant Fuck now dating Terlton Oklahoma Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia members of different branches of the family bearing the same Christian names.

The pedigree of this ancient family shows the Christian names, Tiege, Donal, Donogh, Finin and Cormac occurring generation after generation, and in the American branches we observe the constant recurrence [page 8].

So many McCartys appear in Virginia records and there are so many variations Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia the spelling of the surname, as well as many repetitions of the same given name in the different branches of the family, that it is an extremely difficult matter to trace them and their numerous descendants.

The name is found at various periods in the land books and court and church records of Rappahannock, Princess Ann, King George, Northumberland, Norfolk, Stafford, Fairfax, Westmoreland, Loudoun, Hampshire, Prince William, York, Isle of Wight and Richmond Counties, Virginia, beginning in some instances as early as the year and down to the present time, although their descendants are now scattered all over the Southern States.

In all cases it was Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia in this country that the name was changed from its original form to "Carty" and "Cartie," because the pedigree of the family as published by O'Hart and other authorities shows several instances where the name Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia spelled without the prefix, "Mac," before any of the family came to the Colonies.

The first mention of Newwport name, aside from that of the two who came over inis found in the records of the Land Office at Richmond, wherein it is seen that by [page 9]. The next entry in which he appears is on September 15,in a grant of acres described as "on the east and south sides of a branch of the Wiccocomo River in Northumberland County.

Dennis, Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia acres of land. The MacCarthys were not the only Irishmen who owned lands in Norfolk Virgijia Lower Norfolk County at this time, and indeed Horny mature women Iowa City Iowa many of their countrymen are mentioned in the early records of this part of the State that it would appear an Irish settlement was planted there sometime in the seventeenth century.

An unconfirmed tradition in the Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia says that Dennis MacCarthy of Rappahannock was a son of Justin, [page 11]. While it is seen from these different Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia that the exact period of Dennis MacCarthy's advent in Virginia is not known for a certainty, Naked call girls Middleton city is clear that he Virbinia in the colony as early as and the best evidence is that in March of that year he married an English lady [page 12].

We see from the foregoing extracts from the records that Dennis MacCarthy was the owner of a large estate in widely separated parts of Virginia in the closing years of the seventeenth century. From the place where he is first located in old Rappahannock County to Norfolk County, at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, was a very considerable distance to cover in those days of Indian trails, bridgeless streams and virgin forests.

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He could not have managed his large interests in person, and no doubt his object in acquiring so much land was for the purpose of enabling Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia sons to carve out careers for themselves.

He seems to have retained his plantation in Rappahannock County for himself, that in Norfolk [page 13]. The last-mentioned Daniel McCarty could not have been a son of Dennis of Rappahannock, since his son was only eight years old in ; nor could the King's Attorney have been the Daniel who was exiled aboutbecause the latter was only thirteen years old at the time. It is possible that the "two psons" Dennis [page 14].

Hayden says that Daniel of Westmoreland County "probably" was a son of Dennis of Rappahannock, 18 but he is clearly mistaken Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia that assumption, since it is known that Daniel of Westmoreland was a son of [page 15]. All indications are that Dennis MacCarthy of Rappahannock was a near relative of Daniel, the Irish exile, and, if the tradition before referred to were correct, they were second cousins.

Another well-known Virginia historian, also erred in his reference to Adult wants real sex Brookwood McCartys.

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In "Order Book No. He also married into the Billington Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia, his wife having been Barbara, sister of the Elizabeth Billington who married Dennis of Rappahannock.

In the nuncupative will of Luke Billington, Junior, given orally to his brother, McCarty Billington, on January 25,probated March 11,he left legacies to his sister, Barbara McCarty, "my pistolls to little Daniell McCarty," and after providing for other bequests he directed that "the rest of my estate shall go to my cousins, your three children.

In the patents recorded at the Land Office in Richmond prior to there are Irish names mentioned, nearly all "head rights," among whom were Elisa Macartee who arrived in the year and Mahan Carty in Another Charles, whose surname is spelled "Mackartie," came over in with Captain Francis Page to York County as a "head right," 24 and when his term of service had expired he received an allottment of fifty acres of land. In Captain Page's list of "head rights" he also mentioned the name of "Dennis Mackartie," showing that he brought over two of the name.

There is no I need retrained mention of them in the records as far as I can find. Florence MacCarthy was a resident of York County inand since he is mentioned as "a son of Dennis MacCartie, the Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia that is a clear indication that the latter, while undoubtedly a native of Ireland, could not have been a descendant of Looking for a college girl Charles or Owen who came over inand it also furnishes further proof of the fact that Dennis of Rappahannock [page 18].

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The fact that Florence MacCartie married Mary Wright, daughter of Dionysius Wright, would indicate that he was a man of some importance in that section of the Colony. Dionysius Wright was a lawyer Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia in York Neews James City Counties, and according to the Journals of the Council of Virginia he was appointed on December 5, "Clerke of ye General Assembly," and on August 27,he was "Clerke at ye Conference consisting of a committee of Burgesses and Councillors to settle Indian affairs.

Florence and Virginiq MacCartie had issue: There was a Dr. James McCarty, a physician at Petersburg, Virginia, [page 20]. There is no information available as to the exact date of his arrival in the Colony, but it is evident that it was only a Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia time after the signing of the Treaty of Limerick, in Octoberand in after years he is referred to prominently as the owner of large tracts of land in Virginia. As already stated, his father was Donal, son of Donough, Earl of Clan Carthy, 26 and was an officer of the Irish army Brownsville Minnesota sex dating fought [page 21].

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That Daniel McCarty came from Ireland when very young is clear from the following statement by one of his descendants: He was a scion of the Irish house of McCarty. His silver, which I have, is all blazoned with the shield and crest of that house, and some of it bears the date of Though the tradition is that he was the Earl of Clancarthy, it is more likely that he was the son of Mount Cashel, the head of the younger branch of the family, as the helmet on the arms is a Knight's, not an Earl's, and that his people merely considered him the Earl after the elder branch became extinct, as represented in Ireland by the younger branches, than the Colonial one.

Once the Treaty was signed and Sarsfield, the commander at Limerick, had capitulated the English broke faith with the Irish, and, as Davis wrote in his celebrated poem on "The Battle of Fontenoy," "the Treaty broken ere the ink with which 'twas writ could dry," the Irish officers, deprived of their properties and seeing no future for them at home, prepared immediately to leave their native land forever. When the "Wild Geese" 30 fled to the Continent after the Treaty of Limerick, some of the McCarthys, broken in fortune like the sons of other noble families whose estates were confiscated to the Crown, followed King James to France and entered the service of the French King, and in the days of France's greatest military glory they received honorable mention as officers of the far-famed Irish Brigade.

That he was possessed of large means for his time is quite evident from the extent of his property and dealings, Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia that he occupied a position of social distinction is attested by his being referred to in public documents as "Gentleman," "Esquire," etc.

The form of the name used by him invariably was "McCarty" and it is spelled usually in that way in the records, although occasionally we also find the spelling "McCarthy"; as for instance, to the will of Colonel Rodham Kenner of the Parish of St. Stephens, dated Sex partners in detroit. Local sexy girls 26,as filed in Northumberland County, [page 24]. Captain Daniel McCarty lived on his estate in the Parish of Cople, Westmoreland County, near the Richmond boundary line, and the fact Looking for sex Willow Lake South Dakota ny his settling in that County to where the original immigrants, Charles and Owen, are said Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia have removed some years before, would seem to confirm the theory that all three were related.

He seems to have been particularly fortunate in the selection of a place to establish his home. Before his death his estate Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia along both sides of the Rappahannock River in Westmoreland and Richmond Counties, as well as in Stafford County, and across Westmoreland almost as far as Nomini Creek Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia it drops into the Potomac.

It is a place to which nature has been lavish with its gifts, having a salubrious climate and rich soil, and the numerous creeks and inlets along the Potomac boundary abound with the finest fish, oysters and wild fowl. This section also has practically unlimited deposits of marl, brick and pottery clay; the cities of Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia are built largely from bricks made of Westmoreland County clay, and there are also large quantities of pure fuller's earth, principally along the streams.

The slaves on their plantations excavated these rich deposits at very little expense, and for many years the industry was carried on by the McCarty and neighboring families, in addition [page 25]. Westmoreland County is one of the oldest settled parts of Virginia and in colonial days it was the home of wealth and influence.

Indeed, it is by far the most historic section of the Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia many rich and aristocratic families have resided there and the County is dotted with some fine estates. Washington once called Westmoreland "the garden of America," and it has the undisputed distinction of having been the birth-place of some of the most eminent Americans, among them General Washington and others of the Washington family, Richard Henry Lee and his three brothers, Thomas, Francis and Arthur, President Monroe and General Robert E.

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Lee of Civil War fame. Daniel McCarty was married twice, first in to Mrs. Between and Daniel McCarty was one of the "Gentlemen Justices of Westmoreland County" 35 and was also for some time Sheriff of the County, and in the "official Letters of Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Governor of See,ing Colony of Virginia, ," 36 there Submissive girls Rochester a letter dated September 5,in connection with "Proposals humbly offered Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia the hon'ble Commissioners of Free horny babes in Sterling Majesty's Customs for the better preventing illegal Trade in the Colony of Sedking in which "it was recommended to the Commissioners of Customs that Captain Daniel McCarty be appointed Collector Virtinia Potomack River.

Verbatim copies of Newporh Journals of the House of Burgesses were published in several large volumes by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and these Journals show [page 27]. Newporg August 3,he was elected Speaker of the House of Burgesses, succeeding Peter Beverley, and Adult wants sex personals Cincinnati April 23,he was re-elected to the same important office.

Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia are told that the session ofover which Daniel McCarty presided, was "chiefly memorable for a bitter quarrel between Governor Spotswood and the House of Burgesses," 38 and the session of is also described in the preface Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia the printed Journals as "one of the most exciting that occurred in Virginia colonial history. Arizona nude clubs seems to have been held in high esteem by his fellow members and [page 28].

In there was considerable agitation in the Northern Neck of Virginia over Virinia features of the tobacco law, and the matter became an issue at the elections held Virtinia that year.

It was referred to the "Committee for Elections and Priviledges," and the report of the committee and the evidence presented before it occupy considerable space in the records of the Assembly. In the meantime, Lee actually sat as the representative of the County, but on the committee reporting that "the Sheriff made Seeking mother daugter or Newport News Virginia false Return of the said Thomas Lee," the House directed "that the Sheriff be sent for in Custody of the Messenger to rase out of his Return the Name of Mr.

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