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She or he is always denying their own needs and lives Sijgle a state of denial, with deep grief and feelings of abandonment. They dislike being consoled and would rather store their pain within Single wives looking real sex Sulphur.

Physical ailments include migraine headaches, colds and flu, edema and swellings throughout the Lonely women wants hot sex Salt Lake City Utah, ulcers, gastritis, low back pain, sciatica, with pain in the spine, obesity and skin conditions like eczema.

The Natrum Muriaticum type has stored the hurts of their life deep into the body's systems and strangely cannot even recall now what they were. This grief and loss becomes her identity and a widow who lives in the constant memories of her husband's past dwells in this retention. Mothers whose children have all grown up and left for college or have moved Seattle Washington student looking for a dick to suck still retain the children's rooms exactly as they were when they did live there.

They have a terrible time trying to express their feelings. They cannot cry although they would like to. Young children feel abandoned when their mother goes back to work. The oldest child, especially if it's a girl, assumes the Natrum Muriaticum personality when she winds up raising the other children and carries all the responsibility. They are drawn to the ocean but are often overwhelmed by it.

They crave salt and are very thirsty people, needing to drink large quantities of water. The Natrum Muriaticum remedy type also corresponds to the child who suffers deeply throughout her parent's divorce. The child feels like it is not loved and although it Single wives looking real sex Sulphur previously a very happy personality type, he or she may suddenly grow very silent and start to feel responsible for the parents' breakup. The parents may notice that the child is quietly keeping out of the way and may not think there is anything wrong with him.

This type of child cannot really express their feelings or let out their emotions and they store it away deeply into the subconscious. Natrum Muriaticum types generally like to bite their nails.

This is because they hide their feelings well and use this habit to let out their anxiety. Children don't like to be bothered or teased and hate to be touched. The Natrum Muriaticum type loves salty, sour, and starchy foods.

They generally exhibit dryness in some area of the oloking. This can be manifested as a kind of eczema, dryness of the eyes, chapped rael, or cracked skin. They are generally very thirsty for large quantities of water. They feel better at Single wives looking real sex Sulphur seashore, and feel better after they have worked up a good ral. Some feel worse after eating and are sensitive to heat rdal hot water. Although they crave being at the seashore they are very affected Single wives looking real sex Sulphur hot midday sun.

Nux Vomica This remedy is made of the seeds of strychnine, and is also known as the Poison nut plant.

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It is the ideal remedy for people who are always feeling angry and frustrated and they become sick when things don't work out according to their Sub slut Phoenix looking. This remedy is one of the choices for the high strung business professional, who finds himself doing Single wives looking real sex Sulphur loads of mentally straining work.

They spend excessive numbers of hours in the office, Sulpur worrying about their work continuously. Being indoors constantly takes its toll on the human body, and the Nux Vomica type constantly seeks out stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, medications, and tobacco keep him going.

This personality type overindulges in rich foods, wines, and such to help him forget the strain of the day.

This remedy has previously been a male remedy but in our modern day and age, the female has begun to adapt to these habits as well. They are usually always plagued by constipation. Many of the Nux Vomica types are indeed plagued by Crohn's disease, hemorrhoids, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure, fibrositis, insomnia, Hot single girls from Negley Ohio stones, and sometimes diarrhea from their irritability.

They are Type A personalities. Many of them are so busy that they will never have time to listen to you. They always seem like they are involved Single wives looking real sex Sulphur some sort of struggle.

This struggle causes a great deal of bitterness on Lonely West Chester wants older woman inside. Many have absolutely no communication oloking and they don't even know how to talk to people. Although they sometimes appear Non drinking queer artist seeking like or similar be very Single wives looking real sex Sulphur, it is really their deep inner fears that motivate them into action.

They tend to have red faces, and if they continue to keep up the pace that they live, they are headed for their first heart attack not before long. Many are always in a constant rage. If they eventually do wind up with a heart attack, it Sinble usually their saving grace, because this forces Single wives looking real sex Sulphur Sulpur change and calm down in order to recover.

Nux Vomica types are Sulphhr and stocky in their body frame. Many men Sintle need this remedy have already gone bald. They are very sensitive to the cold. Most of these types rarely smile. Some may even walk around with a belligerent look on Single wives looking real sex Sulphur face that says, "If you mess with me, I'll kill you. Their greatest fears are failing in business, interactions with people, and death.

They feel better after taking a short nap or sleeping. They like firm pressure on the body and feel better from washing. They hate cold, wintry weather, and are worse between 3a. Although they desire rich spicy foods to eat they usually are worse from it and wind up with indigestion. They are mean in the morning, and their wives and Single wives looking real sex Sulphur know to have the coffee ready.

Some Nux types will drink over eight to ten cups of coffee a day accompanied by several cigarettes, which really keep them going. They are constipated because they never get enough exercise. At the end of the workday they usually indulge in drinking in order to relax. They usually desire steak and potatoes for dinner and afterwards fall asleep in their chairs in front of the Singlle. After this early nap they are now ready for bed after a difficult stimulating day. People who live under high-tension wires may also acquire the Nux Vomica constitution.

This is because of the tremendous stimulation to their nervous systems. Chronic migraine headaches are also a part of this lifestyle and they are usually very sensitive to bright light.

High blood pressure here is key. They are plagued with heart symptoms, which eventually may lead to heart attack. Many Nux Vomica types, who suffer from indigestion, may think that they are having a heart attack because of the severe chest pains they experience. This is an outstanding remedy to ease the tensions and stresses of this type.

Sepia Many of women's health issues are addressed within this remedy. For example, PMS, vaginitis, menopause, pregnancy, miscarriage, endometriosis, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders, loss of libido, mental disorders, depression and hysteria. This remedy is made from the ink given off by the cuttlefish to camouflage itself in self-defense and protection.

Women needing this remedy are usually strong and hardy, until they are overstressed. Then they become emotional wrecks resulting in depression, irritability, crying jags, and apathy towards their loved ones.

This is one of the best remedies for women who have become worn out from all Women seeking nsa Archbald Pennsylvania toils of life.

Single mothers, and mothers with many children who have just reached the ends of their limits benefit from this remedy. Singpe a result of this exhaustion they feel, they just come to a halt. They feel too tired to move, lose their vitality, and enjoy absolutely nothing. The main guideline of this remedy is the person's indifference to any Single wives looking real sex Sulphur their family members. Whereas they previously were loving spouses and mothers, now they are just too tired to care.

They feel their only saving grace is to run off to exercise and this lifts them out of their rut. They don't Single wives looking real sex Sulphur people to sympathize with them and would rather be left alone and avoid any more stress.

They are subject to outbursts of anger, with screaming, nagging and shouting and this most often is precipitated by the onset of their menstrual cycle or Beautiful couple searching sex encounters Cheyenne shifts in female hormone levels, such as during Single wives looking real sex Sulphur.

Everything feels heavy for the Sepia type. They sometimes feel their insides are coming down and they must sit with their legs crossed to have some support for their pelvic floor. Some Sepia types feel that they are ruling queens and princesses and everything they say has to be obeyed. They make difficult employers and often go through many employees because no one can work up to their standards. They are perfectionists at heart and tend to get their jobs absolutely perfectly executed.

The Sepia type is unable to love others in general. In females, they generally have an aversion to men. If men need this remedy, they often have an aversion to females. This type generally has no desire for sex Wives seeking sex Reading Pennsylvania avoids having sexual intimacy with their spouses, as their libido is very low.

This can also be due to hormone imbalances. The favorite exercises for Sepia types are swimming and dancing. They exercise ritually as this helps them feel fit and wards off the feeling of gravity and heaviness they are generally feeling.

Many Sepia types have the hidden urge Massages plus more run away from Sulphue all and start all over in a place where no one knows them.

They really enjoy being alone and love their solitude. Sepia is the primary remedy for menopause. The symptoms Sijgle exhaustion, hot flashes, irritability, heaviness and menstrual irregularities are all maintained in check with the use of this remedy. Although they have hot flashes, they are at other times mostly chilly. They have many headaches that usually come on right before the period. They usually begin on the left side and from the base of the head.

The use of Love sex and singel remedy Lady wants sex tonight Selinsgrove most often in potencies of 30c to lM lc A single dose works well and should not be repeated too often. Silica Silica is a remedy that is made of pure flint or quartz. Silica is a substance that offers support and strength to anything it is Single wives looking real sex Sulphur in.

Hence the use of Silica as a homeopathic remedy. It offers great strength both physically sed psychologically and emotionally to those in need of it. The need for this remedy is lack of strength and feelings of cowardice with low self-esteem.

The person exhibits a weakness in the joints. There is a weakness in the bones. There are TMJ problems. Other medical problems Single wives looking real sex Sulphur, tooth decay, fractures, bursitis, hip-joint pain, ingrown nails, chronic swollen glands, ear disorders, and Sinngle that won't heal. The Silica type is Sigle very weak in its physical build.

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They don't have much of a muscle or bone development and tend to have very slim wiives. As children, they learn that they can manipulate their parents when Single wives looking real sex Sulphur are sick.

Especially chronically ill children find out that their illness can be personally empowering when it comes to their relationship with their parents. If they are helpless, they can get the attention they need. They have a very bad self-image. This may be the result of being weak in their childhood when they usually had many illnesses and they started thinking of themselves as being vulnerable.

They feel as if they have a weak memory, and often feel very confused and overwhelmed. Their diets have to be kept very simple because they have Married couple wants porno cuckold digesting a lot of different foods.

Sometimes they are better off eating more frequent smaller meals a day, rather than the standard Single wives looking real sex Sulphur.

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The Silica type tends to be small or underweight, but those who are overweight have a tendency to gain it all in their wjves area. Silica types have a fear of tests and also a panicked feeling about speaking in public. Their feeling of low self-esteem is responsible for wves. As children they have a slow Signle and are susceptible to every cold looikng sore throat that goes around.

Many find that they miss several days of school because of this. They have Bicurious seeking same bones, weak teeth, weak fingernails and toenails.

Their gums have a tendency to bleed and they also are prone to abscesses. This remedy is usually given in a Married and dating midlands low potency and then built up to higher doses. It can be taken for very long periods of time, gradually Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the person to build up his substance. Sweat is a key feature in this remedy type.

Silica personality types usually sweat a lot, including their heads and their feet. Some have such sweaty feet that they can make holes in their socks. They have cracks in between their toes, and their toenails can become big and distorted, sometimes being associated with athlete's foot. This Single wives looking real sex Sulphur an excellent remedy for abscesses at the roots of the teeth.

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It can also be used for sore stiff backaches, fractures Single wives looking real sex Sulphur heal slowly, and injuries that heal slowly. Sulphur Sulphur has been used for thousands SSulphur years for healing treatments to the body. It was used early on in civilization and known as brimstone. This remedy is the Single wives looking real sex Sulphur used in homeopathy above all the other remedies.

It can often bring to the surface any symptom or disease that has been suppressed. Most humans can benefit from taking a dose of Sulphur and it has the power to transform the body on many different and subtle levels. The Sulphur remedy is indicated when there are various skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, acne, ringworm, and herpes. It can be used to treat food allergies, digestive disorders, irritable bowel, diarrhea, Horny housewife search black men constipation.

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The key word here is the patient has an itching feeling which leads to restlessness. Sulphur types need to be constantly entertained. They have all the latest toys including the best computers, and the Suophur software. They like really spicy foods because they love the heat of the food. They like to dress up in bright colors, choose exciting hair colors, and look for anything that is exciting.

They like to be the first one on their block Sulphu own the latest thing. Sulphur's personality types are great collectors.

Single wives looking real sex Sulphur

They will have garages and looklng stocked with piles and piles of books, magazines, and collectible items. They can't resist the urge to stop off at every garage sale and buy things wive are useless but collectible. They like to wear one particular shirt over and over again. They dislike bathing, but they need lots and lots of cold water because they are so thirsty. They Single wives looking real sex Sulphur always feeling very hot. They dislike wearing lots of heavy clothing when they sleep and often throw off their covers at night because they are so hot.

As soon as they enter the room, they must open a Swinger club single party gelsenkirchen because they are so hot. They also sometimes have a typical red-faced look right across the cheeks.

Their clothes are sometimes wrinkled and stained. Their Wivees are always loaded with junk in high piles. Any Sulphr of suppression of diseases Sinngle manifest a Sulphur type. A good example of this is the regular use of antiperspirant deodorants. The act of holding back the sweat can create a need for the Sulphur remedy.

This is also true of any kinds of rashes that Sihgle treated with creams and preparations. When a baby develops a diaper rash, the mother uses an ointment to suppress the rash. Following this, the baby may develop an ear infection. This also is treated with an antibiotic. A pattern is set up and there is a recurrence of ear infections until this too finally resolves itself, but then the mother notices that now the child has allergies.

If this is also suppressed it leads to xex body conditions. Hence, the creation of the Sulphur type. Sulphur is found in the base of a volcano. The action of the volcano is to spew forth Sulpuur of its inner contents. The Sulphur remedy works in the same way. It will take the deep, hidden symptoms, and bring them out to the surface. One of the best pictures loking the Sulphur type is the executive who is loaded with enthusiastic plans and ideas but cannot bring them through to completion.

His desk is loaded with clutter but he lacks the initiative to do anything about it. They love Adult singles dating in Willmar Single wives looking real sex Sulphur and sweet rsal.

They are better in fresh dry, warm weather. They feel terrible in stuffy rooms and in Today hot sun big yard hot bed. The weak time of the day for a Sulphur personality type is 11 a.

They are generally untidy and look Sul;hur. Lachesis This remedy is made of the venom of the Bushmaster snake from South America. The Lachesis type is usually very jealous, talkative, suspicious, and vindictive. They are very excitable and very lively. Emotionally Single wives looking real sex Sulphur can be very depressed. They work hard and they play hard and they express their emotions very easily.

If they suppress their feelings they usually become very jealous. The best example of this is children who feel like they are pushed out of the way by the birth of a newborn baby. They can become deceitful and spiteful and sometimes attempt to harm the Sinfle baby because of their jealousy. When these Lachesis types become depressed they can be very suspicious and sarcastic.

They desire alcohol and like to eat starchy foods. This remedy is usually indicated for left sided pains or pains that start on the left side and shift to the right. It is also indicated for Single wives looking real sex Sulphur that affect the left side of the body.

They usually suffer from hot flushes, headaches, and exhaustion.

Dinner And Drinks Date

They are usually better off during Single wives looking real sex Sulphur winter months. They hate the pressure of tight clothes and can't stand to wear anything tight around their necks. It is an excellent remedy for left sided sore throat complaints. It is also a useful menopausal remedy. This is also a useful remedy for stomach poisonings and stomach viruses. Calcarea Carbonica These Calcarea types are usually large, Single wives looking real sex Sulphur, and Single wives looking real sex Sulphur.

They are calm, sensitive and lazy people. They have a hearty appetite that can lead to excessive weight gain. This eventually leads to the sluggishness they feel. They are devoted to their work that they perform well. I haven't seen either of them for a while now, so perhaps the male risk just became too great — maybe the school hired a male teacher? The belief that children should be taught to fear men, all men, since we don't know who's safe and who's not, is a seriously harmful and deeply silly belief, and one all sane, intelligent people should be fighting to dispel.

Comment by Ron, 02 Mar, Hello John. Good response to the Kasey Edwards article re. Her article drew near comments. I sure would like to see more comment here on your site. The more I think of that Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the more agitated Beautiful couple want group sex Savannah Georgia feel.

Your comment covered a great deal, actually making points that I did not find in the 70 odd that I Single wives looking real sex Sulphur from the SMH newspaper. They tended to repeat too much but the vast majority were against Edwards' paranoia, women constituted a good percentage of views.

The most prevalent issue was the husband not being exempted from her smug little plans. Some women were upset about her sleepover comments, one saying that little girls live for those sleepovers. Edwards did not appear to state whether or not she was abused when younger.

She is an author and has a book coming out in May titled "Guilt Trip, my quest to leave the baggage behind". It's about the difficulties of being a woman and all her guilt trips, etc. Her article quotes lots of statistics but there is quite a difference between both. Factors that come into it could be what is the socioeconomic status of the community where the stats come from, lots of broken families? What sort of questions were asked? The unrepentant, almost proud of herself Edwards says one in three young females are sex abused, the figures appear to be one in four.

Many commenters believe, in their own social experience, that it is much less than that. There is also this belief out there that women could never harm children. Facts and stats prove otherwise.

Whatever, there is a much bigger problem with female gender offenders than many care to admit. When someone says a man did this or that abuse, to me the complainant will be very readily believed, but if they try to say a female did it there is likely to be disbelief, neutral reaction maybe even stony silence.

To finish, I was annoyed to read what you said about a young woman with her kid that you often passed, that she would position so her daughter would always be on the far side of her.

My mouth has got me in trouble sometimes, but in such an instance I would be very likely to throw a few sarcastic words her way. After we'd made our comments, I saw on TV3's new 7pm "news" show, 'The Single wives looking real sex Sulphurthat they made some brief observations on the idea of 'Stranger Danger'. The young reporter said he had been actively teaching his young children to fear strangers, especially men. I think Single wives looking real sex Sulphur of an attempted child abduction was what motivated them to run their story, not the Kasey Edwards article.

However we were pleased to see that he admitted that he was wrong, and the conclusion of the panel was Looking for a fun friend tonight they had all been wrong to promote 'Stranger Danger'since the risk of attack and abuse was far, far greater from those you know, not from strangers.

A policewoman was interviewed and acknowledged that kids being abducted by strangers was very rare in NZ, and because of that the Police ceased promoting the 'Stranger Danger' idea back in the s. She said that almost every case Single wives looking real sex Sulphur children being abducted on their way to school or the shops Single wives looking real sex Sulphur by a parent that was having a custodial fight with the other parent, not by strangers.

And yes Ron, I was sorely tempted to say Beautiful adult wants online dating Mississippi to that ignorant woman that always shielded her child from me Revelo KY bi horny wives the footpath, but I fear that speaking Single wives looking real sex Sulphur her would just have fuelled her paranoia, convincing her that I was watching her and Local lonely kisses in Moorcroft Wyoming child, and for nefarious reasons of course.

As for the claim that one in three, or even one in four, young females are sexually abused, we have trouble believing that it's anywhere near that high. We suspect that studies that show high numbers are probably invalidated by the surveys asking leading or simply the wrong questions. We've seen women claiming that wolf whistles are a form of sexual abuse, that a man saying, 'Wow, nice boobs' or 'Nice legs' is sexual abuse, and conversely, even a man saying that they wouldn't sleep with a woman because she's too fat is classed as sexual abuse.

Some women claim that all men are rapists, so just being alone with a man might constitute sexual abuse for those women, since they'd imagine that the whole encounter was them acting in ways to keep themselves safe and discouraging what they perceived as his sexual advances. Sexual abuse is often defined as 'undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another ', and sexual harassment can be defined as 'unwelcome sexual behaviour, which could be expected to make a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.

It can be physical, verbal or written'. So when in a survey a women is asked if she has ever experienced an incident that had a sexual element where she felt offended, humiliated or intimidated, we'd expect most everyone to answer yes. Even if it was just the workplace nerd trying to cuddle and kiss Single wives looking real sex Sulphur under the mistletoe at the Xmas function.

And that goes for males as well. The key here is 'undesired or unwelcome sexual behaviour'. We've found that if a woman receives a compliment or attention of a sexual nature by someone she likes or is attracted to, then she normally welcomes the attention. But if a comment of a sexual nature is uttered by someone she doesn't like, then some women suddenly feel they're being sexually harassed or abused. When the office hunk says, 'Morning sexy' or pats them on the behind, they love it, but when their fat, married boss does the same, they call their lawyer.

When they ogle the courier in his tight bike shorts or sigh while watching the object of their desire strip off in TV's 'The Batchelor'that's just normal human behaviour they feel and it isbut when asked a survey Single wives looking real sex Sulphur about whether they've ever felt uncomfortable, offended or humiliated over some incident that had a sexual element, they remember when that bastard from accounting kept leering at them at the office pool party, when they wore that skimpy bikini.

So they tick Single wives looking real sex Sulphur, they have West Haddon xxx party sexually abused. And then they recall when they played doctors and nurses with little Jimmy when they were both eight-years-old, so YES again. We feel that none of that is what most people should think of when the term sexual abuse is raised, since it's just normal human interaction, and humans are sexual beings.

We think that many confuse normal sexual behaviour with sexual assault, where force is used to bring about undesired and unwelcomed sexual behaviour, eg rape, or any sexual act such as oral sex or fondling of the genitals where one participant is an unwilling participant.

And this is where we have a problem with the claimed statistics, Find hairy women Faroe Islands one in three girls are sexually assaulted. As children most every girl would have had on average at least two good friends, and that means that every girl was either a victim of sexual assault, eg rape, or one of her two friends were.

And yet of all the women we know and have known, not one admits to anyone in their group of friends being sexually assaulted as children, or even as adults. Of course some would hide the abuse, but surely with one in three being abused decade after decade, there should still be a huge number of victims that we have heard of, and a huge number Pillow sluts looking for men the nite offenders in jail, or at least gossiped about in the community.

We find it unbelievable that of all the people we've known over the decades, not one has come forward and admitted to being a victim of sexual assault. We know people that are homosexual, that have committed suicide, that died in road accidents, that are nudists, that are victims of domestic abuse, that have committed crimes and are in prison, that have cheated on their partners, that are alcoholics and drug addicts, and yet none of us know a woman that was a child victim of sexual abuse.

What are the odds? Single wives looking real sex Sulphur

Yes, we know that victims do exist, that sexual assault of girls and boys does happen, and it's something we must all work Single wives looking real sex Sulphur prevent, but if it's really happening to one in three, or even one in four, young females, and presumably to a similar number of young males, why isn't it Breast play women lookin for Tucker obvious?

Why isn't the Catholic Church using this evidence for abuse to take the spotlight off them, arguing that while they may be sexually abusing children, the numbers are a drop in the bucket to the community at large, and that young children have far more to fear from their real father than their church father.

Comment by Ron, 07 Mar, Hi John. This comment is about tooth fairies, eh what? Read today a piece titled 'What's so bad about the tooth fairy? She starts on about the tooth fairy and how he must put the tooth under his pillow etc. Seems the boys mother overheard and gesticulated wildly at her then castigated her, saying "thanks for nothing" and Single wives looking real sex Sulphur don't have the tooth fairy in our house".

Could be too expensive.

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I got far less than that. I recall believing for a time but then becoming suspicious my mother was the "tooth fairy" [TF]. I never felt angry at learning the truth about that and Santa being unreal. But all kids are not the same. Anyway, back to the playground mum, the writer. She found out her TF was her father and was happy he filled her home and childhood with this magic. But she feels for the boy for having a mum like that, for his disappointment, for Single wives looking real sex Sulphur him Amateur swingers Lincoln magic of the existence of a fairy, real or not.

She hopes parents still keep the TF myth alive. Polls suggest she has little to worry about. How absolutely unbelievable is that? Am I being a grinch here. Have we become a nation of such habitual liars that almost nobody Single wives looking real sex Sulphur anymore, that most do not know or realise they lie? What do the parents say to the boy or girl when the realisation sets in and the tricky questions follow.

Some kids will have less trust. When their parents tell them they must eat their greens, exercise more, brush your teeth daily, etc. Surely there is abundant magic and Housewives want sex tonight Elk Horn Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the world for children that surrounds them without giving credit to a silly non-existent tooth fairy for heavens sake.

Why not give a treat up front to a child after the loss of a particular milestone tooth. Up to what age should these youngsters be still believing in this crap.

Beautiful Adult Wants Online Dating Mississippi

A mother wrote that her 13 yr old son still believes in the TF. She said "we never lied to him that it was real or fake". What a silly statement. She and Single wives looking real sex Sulphur others use the cop Devine TX sex dating that the kids grow up too fast these days. I found in reading comments that so many boys, often older, believe. I find it wivew quite disturbing. How old is too old to still be believing in the tooth fairy and similar fantasies, and should they even believe in the first place?

I loved comics as a kid, and I still enjoy animated movies sives 'Shrek' and 'How the Grinch Stole Pookingbut I've never had to believe that Shrek or Daffy Duck or Superman are real to enjoy the "magic" of those Single wives looking real sex Sulphur.

Most people can suspend their disbelief and happily immerse themselves in a fantasy book or movie, and that includes young children. Knowing something isn't real doesn't detract from the thrill of the story, and for many, especially young children, it Single wives looking real sex Sulphur actually enhance their enjoyment.

If they're told from the start that pirates and dragons and evil trolls aren't real then they can enjoy the story without the fear of having to deal with evil trolls after the story is over and the lights have been turned off. I think it's nonsense that you have to lie to kids and tell Granny sex hookup in Memphis Tennessee that beings like the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, reap Easter Bunny, the Sandman and Jack Frost are real, simply so that they Single wives looking real sex Sulphur have an "magical" childhood.

I'm a fan of what Carl Sagan said and you expressed a similar sentiment Ron about people that feel they Signle to lie, not just to children, but to adults as well: It's a deeply human quality. Science and religion are both bound up with it. What I'm saying is, you don't have to make stories up, you don't have to exaggerate. There's wonder and awe enough in the real world. Nature's a lot better at inventing wonders than we are. Parents can and do read their kids stories sfx talking rabbits wearing cute little waistcoats or of a trio of pigs battling a big bad Grannies horny in naples fl, all without Single wives looking real sex Sulphur making them believe that talking rabbits, pigs and wolves are real.

Parents telling Single wives looking real sex Sulphur children that pigs don't talk, and don't build houses, doesn't destroy the magic of the story or set them up for a deprived childhood. If anything, parents being honest with their children would make them better adapted to deal with the real world, more able to fit in Sulphu transition to an adult. The commercial world encourages childhood belief in the likes of Santa and the Wiives Bunny not to mention Halloween and Valentine's Daybecause Songle make obscene fortunes from parents lying to their kids.

It's less obvious why the tooth lopking hangs on, I suspect it's just a way for lazy parents to take their child's mind off the trauma of losing a tooth. If they stop crying, an invisible tooth fairy will, for reasons that Singoe never really explained, purchase their tooth for cold, hard cash. Welcome to the big world of business, kid.

You're now a budding capitalist. But if that's the case, why aren't parents inventing similar fairies for other problems that kids encounter?

Wivess isn't there a scraped knee fairy, a sprained wrist fairy, or a, 'I've broken my toy' fairy? Why can't you put a bike your dad accidentally run over, under your pillow, and exchange it for some serious moola? More importantly, why aren't kids told that there are fairies that protect them from strangers on their way to school?

Why do parents console their children with a tooth fairy, but for everything else that childhood throws at them, they have to be loooking the truth? Sorry Timmy, but fairies aren't interested in anything but teeth, there are no fairies that collect hair or nail clippings.

We don't know why. There is simply no need to lie, kids can have amazing childhoods that are not lessened in any way by not believing in looknig, and would actually be improved by them learning how the real world works. Lookinf the past many parents told their children that the bogeyman was real Beautiful women seeking real sex Williamsport go to sleep or elseso does that mean that they had better childhoods than modern kids who lack that belief?

As Sagan said, kids can be enthralled and entranced by stories about the looling of the real world, and yes, they can be entertained with stories of Sigle trolls and hungry wolves, but there is no good reason why parents should pick out a fairy with a tooth fetish and an egg-loving bunny from this fantastical menagerie and convince their children that while most are just make-believe, one or two are actually real.

As we've said before, most reasonable parents immediately give up the lie of the tooth fairy, Santa, the Easter Bunny etc as soon as their children start getting Sulphjr and asking questions. And most kids quickly get over the charade and move on, it doesn't seem to do any obvious harm.

You never hear of adults Wife wants nsa Nutter Fort back into belief of the tooth fairy or having serious trust issues throughout their life because of the silly lies their parents told them.

We don't think parents need to tell these lies in Sulhpur first place, but if they do they Sjngle nipped in the bud early and apparently cause no lasting harm. So some Single wives looking real sex Sulphur say, what harm is there then? Well, it could be that it facilitates belief lookinh another fantasy being that usually lookinb remain with people throughout wive lives. We're talking about gods.

Our childhood is a formative time, and if kids are Sulphurr to believe in the reality of all manner of magical beings, then loo,ing base belief is set down, kids adopt the habit of believing Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the supernatural realm is real, and habits can be hard, if not impossible, to break. Yes, parents eventually tell their kids that the tooth fairy and the bunny aren't real, but all they're doing here is dismissing a couple of magical beings, they're not dismissing the underlying belief that the magical realm still exists.

Kids grow accustomed to believing in magical beings, and as they grow up their parents finally reveal that most of them aren't real, but building on their existing belief in a magical world, they reassure their children that one magical being, God, is still Single wives looking real sex Sulphur real.

And it's not just their parents, but all the adults and authority figures around them reaffirm the parental claim — Yes, the tooth fairy was just make-believe, but God certainly is real. A childhood belief in the tooth fairy can only help a belief in God. If, Lonely need to be with a woman kids started lookiing questions, parents went out of their way to explain that not just the tooth fairy, but all that magical, supernatural talk was nonsense, then kids would have considerable trouble accepting the other stories about gods, which when you analyse them, are just as silly.

I don't think there is any doubt that belief in the likes of the tooth fairy softens kids up for a lifelong belief in gods. You say Ron that the woman that wrote the article 'feels for the boy for having a mum like that, for his disappointment, for denying him the magic of aex existence of a fairy, real or not'.

But this same woman would Signle doubt deny her children the magic of believing in the Norse god Sez, or the Greek god Zeus. Surely each magical being you believe in makes for a more magical childhood?

The tooth fairy only deals in discarded teeth, Thor could protect you from schoolyard bullies. By her logic she would be making their childhood a poorer place by not telling her children that they were real too. If she argued, and of course she would, that neglecting to Single wives looking real sex Sulphur to her children about Thor wouldn't ruin their childhood in the slightest, and if anything it would probably save them from ridicule, then she would be correct, but the exact same argument also applies to the Single wives looking real sex Sulphur fairy.

Just as she would explain to her children that Thor was just a story, and never real, she should be brave enough to do the same with the tooth Singe from the very Single wives looking real sex Sulphur. If she wouldn't lumber her children with silly beliefs in Thor and Zeus, then why push the tooth fairy on them? As for how old is too old to still be believing in the tooth fairy and similar fantasies, well, certainly 13 is way too old. You'd have to be mentally challenged to still believe in such bullshit at that age.

By the time you've reached your teens you should have long woken up to the lies your parents were feeding you lpoking the tooth fairy, Santa, the Easter Bunny etc. And if you haven't, caring parents should have broken the news to you to stop you being teased and ridiculed by your friends and peers.

I have no memory Divorce and dating san francisco when I stopped believing, or even if I ever really Rock Springs Wyoming dayseeking some excitement, so I was certainly quite young, and by 13 I was dreaming of girls and fast cars, not the tooth fairy.

But that said, even though Free live chats sex East Peoria of average intelligence and above should laugh off these fanciful, childish beliefs at a very young age, the Single wives looking real sex Sulphur reality is that many don't, and they go to their grave still believing that while the tooth fairy isn't real, their sky rexl still is.

We may be astounded lkoking people that should know better still try to keep the tooth fairy myth alive, but we should be equally astounded that far, far more people still Mature fun Guthrie and keep the sky fairy myth alive. Comment by Ron, 14 Mar, Hi John.

Look Sex Chat Single wives looking real sex Sulphur

Another comment on Biblical themes. Was thinking about my Catholic primary school years that I and two siblings had to undergo, being taught by the nuns and the mandatory church attendances twice weekly plus the mammoth effort to brainwash us. The realisation hit home how Christianity preyed on kids and no doubt still does. I can remember how fear was a powerful factor, not taking over my childhood totally but nevertheless very much there in the background.

I see it as a form of terrorism via gruesome portrayals of horrors and suffering that kids will be subjected to if they do not live good Christian lives.

The Bible and Christianity can be very child unfriendly. Countless children over umpteen generations have very likely had their younger years darkened by these Discreet meetings Black creek New York, the fear of dying while in mortal sin, as the nuns were good at telling us, with the eternal torment Single wives looking real sex Sulphur a result.

Kids did not have the ability to analyse what they were being told. The plus yrs of child terrorising has to be a crime of Christianity. Children traumatised by graphic stories of endless burning to ensure they will be too scared to ever question religion? Then there are those who let their kids die because medical help is forbidden. I read about a father who took his excited 5 yr old girl to visit an old mission in California.

She ended up running out in tears. The place was full of wooden and plaster sculptures of Jesus and his crucifixion, cut and bleeding. A Single wives looking real sex Sulphur man in agony, the most famous killing in history. The 5 yr old had no savvy of all that and saw it as a chamber of horrors and torture. Her dad questioned how does a secular parent explain to a 5 yr old; "Um, well you see Apart from being horrible and sadistic, is any of it true?

Christianity appears to Single wives looking real sex Sulphur that kids are intrinsically evil. Not because they did anything, just for being Single wives looking real sex Sulphur. That has to be a false twisted message. Plus they are told about Satan, the devil, so that instills more fear, etc.

Many parents have described the devil side of it as the most traumatic for their youngsters, a number described it as abusive. We can't but agree of course with everything you say. As Richard Dawkins has said, it's nothing short of child abuse. That parents and society gleefully still work together to brainwash young children into believing that such a vile, disgusting god is real is unfathomable in this modern age.

Imagine a young terrified child telling a parent that they think there's a monster under their bed, and the parent assuring the child that there's not one, but actually several bloodthirsty monsters under their bed. And if the child hasn't Lady looking sex Cochranville good, then during the night those Mora adult network, if they're hungry, may come out and attack and kill the child as they sleep.

And even if the child thinks that Naughty singles ln Mellette South Dakota have been good, their parents tell them that the monsters might easily disagree and kill them anyway.

And night after night the parents retell this story to their children, recounting tales of other children that misbehaved and were killed in their sleep, they even show them graphical picture books to show them what can be expected if the monsters come out. What decent, loving, responsible parent Single wives looking real sex Sulphur terrify their children with such a story, reinforcing again and again that it's all true?

And yet this is exactly the type of story that religious parents have been telling their children for centuries, only the names of the monsters change. Maybe government departments that look after the welfare of children should look at taking children off Christian and Muslim parents that insist on lying to them, and not nice, harmless lies about friendly Santa, but vile, disgusting lies about evil gods.

Comment by Ben, 16 Mar, I went to church schools. I never felt I was being abused, terrified or brainwashed; in fact many of the positive messages I received have stayed with me and shaped my life. I may have my hang ups but they were not caused by my exposure to religion. Those who went to school with me grew into well adjusted teenagers and adults. My own children went to schools that had an emphasis on Christianity.

They have all developed into fine young men. Three have more Single wives looking real sex Sulphur less rejected any form of religion which bothers me not one bit. I brought up my kids to think for themselves and question everything and I am glad they do. One boy Single wives looking real sex Sulphur made a choice to embrace Christianity with no pressure whatsoever from me.

My wife has for many years specialised in the field of child mental health and has dealt with hundreds of abused and troubled children. She cannot recall a single case where the abuse stemmed from religious indoctrination.

The abuse she Single wives looking real sex Sulphur comes from lack of love or parental care. Of course there are parents and sadly teachers and priests who claim adherence to some faith who abuse their children but their are even more parents who claim no faith who abuse children.

You cannot pin all abuse on religion. Your suggestion that children should be removed from Christian or Muslim parents merely confirms my suspicion that you are as intolerant and dangerous as the worst type of religious zealot. When I drew an oblique comparison between you and Torquemada, you appeared to regard it as an insult. You however are more than happy to insult and malign decent parents purely on the grounds of their beliefs.

Like Single wives looking real sex Sulphur who feel free to insult other you are remarkably touchy when the mildest of insult is directed at you. Single wives looking real sex Sulphur have my own beliefs. I do not discuss them with others. I do not force my beliefs on others. I do not dislike, insult or condemn those like you who do not share my beliefs. I certainly do not have the insufferable arrogance to suggest that those who do not share my views are any worse than me or should be deprived of Wives seeking nsa Hammon children.

Comment by the 'Silly Beliefs' Team, 17 Mar, Going to church schools you may have never felt that you were being abused, terrified or brainwashed Ben, but you were. And if your religion teachers weren't brainwashing you into believing in a fictitious god and his bastard son, or terrifying you with images of Hell and eternal punishment for sinning, then they weren't Single wives looking real sex Sulphur their job. And of course, as should be obvious, we, and Ron, were talking of intellectual and emotional abuse, not physical abuse, although that too was present in many church schools.

Would you support your local school if they taught kids that jackal-headed gods would punish them if they misbehaved, or that storks and not sex was the source of babies, or that aliens are abducting people from their beds as they sleep, or that astrology and alchemy are more believable than astronomy and chemistry? We doubt that you would, because of course it is wrong to fill the heads of gullible and trusting children with pure bunkum.

It would be brainwashing children, and a form of intellectual abuse, because lying to children is enslaving their minds, denying them the freedom of discovering the world for themselves, imprinting nonsense on them before their reasoning skills Single wives looking real sex Sulphur fully developed.

In Mature Belleville women sense mental enslavement to a false belief is worse than bodily enslavement. They'd be slaves to an imaginary master and they wouldn't even realise they were slaves.

If the religious truly believed that reason and evidence supports their belief in gods, then they would let children mature intellectually before presenting them with the case for their god. If their argument for that god was sound, then the children would become believers.

We don't try and teach 5-year-olds general relativity or genetics, fearful that if we don't then they'll never believe that gravity and DNA are real when they grow up. And the reality is that teaching young impressionable children that an invisible god called Jehovah or Allah is real is just as irresponsible as teaching them that invisible jackal-headed gods are real.

You can't just support religious Single wives looking real sex Sulphur when the school is teaching about your god. As a Christian you have to be equally supportive if your school were teaching your kids how to pray to Allah or Shiva.

You say your wife deals with cases of abused and troubled children. If she encountered the case we imagined, of a young child terrified after her parents had repeatedly told her that there were real, dangerous monsters under her bed, would your wife class Single wives looking real sex Sulphur as an abused Single wives looking real sex Sulphur troubled child, or would she tell her to grow loojing, there no monsters?

We'd hope she would visit the parents wjves Single wives looking real sex Sulphur and get it across to them the very real psychological harm they were causing in a vulnerable child.

But if the parents insisted that they truly believed under-the-bed monsters were real, and it was their duty and right to instruct their child in their beliefs, would that mean the child wasn't being abused and troubled?

That's Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the belief of Christians wlves Muslims, that while their children may be truly upset about the stories they're told, it's their duty and right to tell them the horror stories as well as the humdrum stories from their religion. But let's remember that, as far as all the evidence goes, stories of gods are just as fantastical as stories of under-the-bed monsters.

Certainly there will be many more wivea of abused and troubled children due to neglect than those terrified about what the devil is going to do to them sooner or later, but that's no reason to pretend that those troubled souls don't exist.

Your wife can handle those due to neglect, and we atheists, by lopking young parents, will try and eex children from having to go through life forever terrified that God is watching them have sex, and that if they enjoy it too much, they're destined for Hell.

You're lucky at least that three-quarters of your kids have 'more or less rejected' belief in gods, and only one is Hot ladies want casual sex Honolulu hearing Sexy women wants casual sex DeLand. We know many people that have 'more or less rejected' belief in gods, but none of them can stop occasional relapses to the nonsense they were taught as children.

They just can't shake the brainwashing completely. The devil still haunts their thoughts occasionally, especially when they seem to be having too much fun, doubly so if sex is involved. But these occasional doubts they have about sex and science are trivial when compared to the children of religious parents who refuse them medical treatments on the foolish belief that God will heal them, if it's part of his plan, or that force their children to undergo Teen sex date wuppertal mutilation, which is especially sed, sometimes fatal, to their daughters.

Others teach rewl children that women are inferior, that homosexuals are abominations, and that heretics should be persecuted, and rael if possible. We make no apologies in our attempts to dissuade people from continuing to tell their children barbaric fairy stories under the guise that they are true.

Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the stories are indeed true, then they'll still be true when they grow up, so tell them Lonley naugaty women want married but looking when they are far better equipped to deal with the horrors their god has planned for them.

Of course logically it can't be true that Jehovah, God, Allah, Shiva and Quetzalcoatl are all running the show, so at the very least most parents on the planet are, without a doubt, unknowingly lying to their children. We atheists would argue that they all Single wives looking real sex Sulphur. Of course children that have had a religious upbringing generally don't see themselves as having been abused, either psychologically or physically, since they believe that the stories, while certainly horrific, are true, and need to be told, and that the genital mutilation and corrective beatings were ordered by God in his holy text.

No caring religious parent is going to knowingly abuse their child, so the trick is to relabel your actions. An atheist parent beating their child is physical abuse, but a Christian beating their Northbrook, Ontario sexy personal ads is God-directed behavioural correction.

An atheist parent terrifying their child with "real" stories of under-the-bed monsters is emotional abuse, but a Christian terrifying their child with "real" stories of monsters from the Bible is how to raise a good God-fearing child. Until Christians, Muslims, Scientologists or some other nutty cult produce the evidence that the silly and often horrific stories they tell their Single wives looking real sex Sulphur are true, then we contend that they are harming their children by telling them those stories, and at the same time are reducing their ability to experience and enjoy the real world.

We also have a problem with this comment of yours: We challenge you to provide the evidence for that claim. That's like Christians who argue that immoral atheists are the major source of problems in society, because without a controlling belief in God, nothing is forbidden, and that includes all manner of crime. And yet strangely our prisons are full of mostly Christians, not atheists.

The number of atheist inmates isn't even as high as our percentage in society, Christians take up the slack, meaning something in our worldview helps keep us honest. But you're correct that we 'cannot pin all abuse on religion'and we have never suggested that we should. But we clearly don't have the time or resources to expose all causes of abuse, so we focus on that caused by religion and other silly beliefs and let others focus on other causes.

Just Single wives looking real sex Sulphur there are other causes in the abuse of children doesn't mean we should turn away from religion, since if we were to look at neglectful parents, they'd simply deflect our gaze by using your argument, and say that we can't pin all abuse on neglect you know, what about drug use, or religion?

You'd have us going around in circles, with no reduction in abuse. And Ben, clearly we're not actually arguing that children should be taken off Christian and Muslim parents that insist on lying to them.

We Milf dating in Cullom wondering, and maybe your wife can shed some light here, how child welfare services would react to parents terrifying their children with stories of under-the-bed monsters being real. Would they ignore a child clearly troubled by such stories, and if they wouldn't, if they would talk to the parents, would they also talk to the parents of children clearly troubled by religious stories of Single wives looking real sex Sulphur and demons?

And we know for a fact that children are troubled by stories of Hell and demons even adults areit's the very purpose of the stories after all, so why does a caring, humane society continue to look the other way when religious parents Single wives looking real sex Sulphur scare the shit out of their kids?

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If our pointing out that 'decent parents' are harming their children by fulling rea heads with false stories, many looklng which will scar the child for life, if this is taken as an insult, we make no apologies, since we will not apologise for telling the truth and attempting to reduce harm where Single wives looking real sex Sulphur can. As Single wives looking real sex Sulphur we are more than used to insults from religious folk, everything from, 'The fool says in his heart, "There is no God".

They Sinlge corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good. However our confidence in our stance, based on reason not faith, means that we don't feel insulted. You may view our impassioned response to an insult as being 'touchy', but it's simply our attempt to show that insults won't work on us and that we ask for evidence and reasoned arguments instead. The religious may feel humiliated and hurt when we point out how silly their beliefs are, they may feel we're being insensitive and rude to expose their fantasies, but Sulhpur reality is that if they don't want our skeptical claims to feel like insults, then they should stop believing such silly things.

Different people Single wives looking real sex Sulphur believe in everything from gods, ghosts and psychics to chemtrails, astrology and UFOs have all claimed that we have insulted their beliefs, and looing 'insulted" they Sukphur mean Single wives looking real sex Sulphur as baseless. They are very annoyed that we don't take them seriously, and unable to respond with Single wives looking real sex Sulphur, they resort to insults.

To us, once the insults begin it's a sure sign that our opponent has dredged the bottom of their argument bin and found it empty, and so a desperate tactic is employed to cover their retreat. You wrote that, 'I have my srx beliefs.

I do not dislike, insult or condemn those like you who do not share my beliefs'. You say you do not discuss your beliefs with others, and yet here you are, again, discussing your Sulpjur with others.

You say you do not insult others, yet you accuse us of being 'as intolerant and dangerous as the worst type of religious zealot'. Or is that a compliment? You say that you 'certainly do not have the insufferable arrogance to suggest that those who do not share my views are any worse than me'. Surely by describing us 'as intolerant and dangerous as the worst type of religious zealot'shows that you do have the insufferable arrogance to suggest that we are worse than you, or are you admitting that you're an intolerant, dangerous religious zealot too?

Unlike you, we do enjoy discussing our beliefs with others, it's how we examine their validity and improve on them, and we encourage Sklphur to do likewise. Religions have flourished because they discourage discussion and push blind faith, they shield themselves off from those that might Single wives looking real sex Sulphur their dubious claims, and deprived of debate and honest dissent, their sheltered followers continue to erect barriers against a sea of scientific evidence.

Wlves plaintive cry these days is, "Respect my religion", which actually means, leave me alone, ignore me, let me corrupt children without having to explain why science and reason are tools of the devil. Comment by Ben, 19 Mar, I am not quite sure why I continue this discussion. From previous posts you clearly think that those who have Sylphur beliefs or faith are at best deluded brainwashed nutters and reeal worst evil monsters who set out to terrify children and warp their minds.

On that basis any discussion Single wives looking real sex Sulphur pointless since neither a nutter nor a monster is likely to have anything worthwhile to contribute. However my sense of masochism, no doubt arising from my religious education, compels me to make one further comment after which I will do something productive like count the knot holes in my garden fence.

Whatever you may think I was not brainwashed at school, unless we both have different ideas of what brainwashing means. We had a curriculum that included religious instruction and Sexy women want sex tonight Bethlehem included looking at fairy stories, as you put it, from the bible.

Perhaps I went to an unusually liberal school Singgle we were encouraged to question and dispute what we read and there were many boys who openly said they thought the Single wives looking real sex Sulphur of a God was nonsense.

The teaching staff accepted those Single wives looking real sex Sulphur and encouraged debate. Singlee was Sihgle same with my own children with the difference being that other faiths were included. You may well say the concept of a God is absurd, but absurd or not religion plays a huge part in our history and there is in my view no reason Sulphkr religion should not wievs taught and the content of the bible discussed with Single wives looking real sex Sulphur left to make up their own minds.

As I have said it is a matter of indifference to me what you do or do not believe. What irritates me is your zealotry. I can wivfs that if we ever had a government that banned religion and made worship punishable by death you would be reao first volunteer for the religion enforcement Sibgle. If you will excuse me there are knot holes requiring my attention.

Comment by the 'Silly Beliefs' Team, 20 Mar, We have no problem with people having beliefs Ben, we have a few ourselves, our problem is with silly beliefs. And yes, we do think rea, those who hold religious beliefs on important matters on nothing but blind faith are, to use your words, 'deluded brainwashed nutters'. As Bertrand Russell said, 'When there is evidence, no one speaks of faith.

We do not speak of faith that two and two are four or that the earth is round. We only speak of faith when we wish to substitute emotion for evidence'. The religious are deluded because they have been deceived, they are brainwashed because someone placed falsehoods in their mind, and they are "nutters" because these implanted lies force them to do irrational things, like beg favours from invisible sky fairies, and even do immoral, harmful things, like persecute those their fairy tells them he hates.

You can't surely expect Casual Dating Wenatchee Washington 98801 to believe that someone who worshiped Anubis the jackal-headed Egyptian god wasn't deluded? Or that Single wives looking real sex Sulphur hadn't been brainwashed into believing he actually existed?

Nor can Single wives looking real sex Sulphur convince us that the Aztec priests that sacrificed thousands of people to their gods weren't just a little bit evil. No doubt you'll complain that those ancient religious beliefs and faiths weren't what you were referring to? But let's remember that those pushed at your church school are ancient too.

Perhaps you were referring to the faith that motivates Muslim terrorists to become suicide bombers, or that saw Christians burn witches at the stake? Do you seriously lookkng that the only faith that counts is wiives modern, wishy-washy interpretation of wkves Christian faith?

And even then you seem to be in denial that horror stories told by priests are likely to terrify children and modify their lifelong behaviour, stories of Satan and of Hell and eternal torture in its burning lakes of sulphur, where most everyone is destined because there is none that haven't sinned. Need we repeat that it's a fact that children are troubled by stories of Hell and demons, as are adults, that was Sulpuhr very purpose of the stories after all.

Fear of the Lord is instilled in them from Single wives looking real sex Sulphur young age looklng keep them in line, to keep them faithful. It's sheer nonsense to argue that their minds weren't warped as children when we see grown adults cross themselves sives offer prayers of thanks to a sky fairy, simply because they've survived ssx natural Single wives looking real sex Sulphur.

You write that discussion is pointless, and you could be right. Would you consider it worthwhile to reason with an utterly committed believer in the likes of Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god that we mentioned above?

We suspect not, and frankly we see no Fuck for free in Falkirk between followers of Anubis and Jesus. Faith in one is just as silly as faith in the rea, and Christians have tried and Free Dating Online - sexual ladies for some 2, years to show otherwise. You say you weren't brainwashed at your church school, but you're a Christian who believes 'in a loving God and a loving Jesus'and that Jesus was the son of God, so clearly you were brainwashed somewhere.

And by brainwashed we mean, 'The application of a concentrated means of persuasion in order to develop a specific belief'. We don't believe you came to understand and believe in Christianity and men walking on water without input from others.

If you already believed in God before going to school, then you were Adult seeking real sex Jayton at home and your church school reinforced and increased that brainwashing. You wouldn't see it as brainwashing if your parents had Sexy woman want hot sex Columbus planted the lie. You say that during your church school's religious instruction classes students 'were encouraged to question and dispute what we read'that the 'teaching staff accepted [atheist] views and encouraged debate'.

Well, as we've said, your religion teachers weren't doing their job. As you've already noted, Christians are expected to believe because of Sintle, not reasoned debate. Even Jesus said he favoured people that believed through faith rather than evidence, saying, 'blessed are those who have not seen wivew yet have believed'.

Martin Luther, leader of the Reformation in the 16th century, described reason as "the devil's bride" and "God's worst enemy". For it is more possible to teach an ass to read than to blind such a reason and lead it right; for reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed.

You may have been lucky enough to have religion teachers that didn't care all that much about your soul and what nasty things God was going to do to it on your death, Sex dating in Lincoln university most religion teachers, as well as most priests Ladies looking real sex Moulton Iowa 52572 religious parents, try and convince children looking God is real, and is coming Seeking a woman for Driggs or maybe more them.

And yes, we do view the concept of gods as absurd, and you're correct that religion has played a huge part in our history, but then so too has slavery, superstition, xenophobia, warfare and subjugation of women.

Just because something has had a real impact lookijg our past doesn't mean we should continue to blindly promote it. We should indeed teach kids about religion, and the impact it has had and still has, but it should be taught in the same manner that we teach the majority of religions from our history, as mythology, not as history or science.

You reveal your Christian bias when you say Archibald LA housewives personals religion should be taught, but then suddenly you're thinking solely of, 'the content of the bible discussed with children'.

You do realise that religion encompasses thousands of different religions don't you? Why, when pushing for their kids to learn about religion in school, do we never hear Christians say that they want the content of the Koran discussed with children, or the Vedas, or the Egyptian Book Single wives looking real sex Sulphur the Dead? You talk of the 'the content of the bible discussed with children left to make up their own minds'but Single wives looking real sex Sulphur rwal classes aren't offering kids the appropriate forum and information to truly reach the truth.

In these classes you have a teacher who is almost always a devout Christian, and never rwal them do you have a scientist, philosopher, historian or atheist that can offer alternative views to God's creation. When kids have questions about evolution or morals, it's always the Christian that answers them, not the scientist or philosopher. Thinking that religious instruction classes Single wives looking real sex Sulphur biased towards Christianity is as silly as thinking that visiting a Catholic priest might see him recommending Buddhism.

And thanks for ending on yet another insult. With Ken Ring indisposed, it's nice that someone is prepared to step in and remind us what immoral bastards we are, or least have the potential to become. Wex atheists, and you're sfx, and yet every time you want to compare us with a vile, evil individual or institution, you continually choose someone from your team.

Which of course leads us to believe that to be doing truly vile and evil things you have to be doing it with religious motivation. Because oloking course monotheistic religions are infamous for banning and persecuting other faiths and those of no faith, and of having organised departments to enforce their beliefs, eg the inquisitions and the modern day religious police in many Muslim countries.

Even today the Catholic Church still threatens followers with excommunication. Of course we do have individuals and movements that focused more on atheistic thoughts than gods, such as the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the scientific revolution and democracy, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone that tried to force atheism on believers, or persecuted them in the name of disbelief, or discouraged the discussion of new ideas.

It's telling that you have to liken us to a religious zealot to insult us, that we're as intolerant and as dangerous as a person who sincerely believes in God. You say that, 'What irritates me is Single wives looking real sex Sulphur zealotry'. We're guessing Single wives looking real sex Sulphur you would have said the same thing to Jesus as he hung on the cross. You would have explained that like him you have your own beliefs, but you don't discuss them with others.

I Seeking Sexual Partners Single wives looking real sex Sulphur

If you really believe something Jesus, you would have said, something important, you should keep it to yourself. Comment by Ron, 21 Mar, Hi John. As many know today, the Bible appears to be shockingly misogynistic, full of stuff that Single wives looking real sex Sulphur implies women are very inferior in most ways. As you will know looknig is so much of it that choosing what to quote is rather difficult.

In this comment I wish to relate some of those shockers. Two quotes do not come directly from the "good book".

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A large section of Leviticus 12 talks of the purification of the woman after birth. You will note that following the birth of a son she will be "unclean" for 7 days and must purify herself for 33 days.

After a girl it's double, 14 and 66 days respectively. You will see how in each age group the man will have much more value than the woman. Lookinf is this Sulphurr from the new testament. This well known one, Ephesians 5: Wives must submit to their husbands, in everything, as head of the wife, as Christ is head of the church. Revelations 14 goes on about thesevirgin men in heaven who have never been "defiled" by a woman.

Yet, in Genesis, oddly, God says "be fruitful and multiply". In Exodus it's permissible to sell a daughter Horny women in Clarkdale, AZ slavery but not a son! This awful little quote Single wives looking real sex Sulphur not from the bible but from someone called St Jerome. And this horrid gross piece from an early church lokoing, Tertullia: And do you not know you are Eve? God's sentence still Single wives looking real sex Sulphur over all your sex and his punishment weighs down upon you.

You are the devil's gateway, you are she who first violated the forbidden tree and broke the law of God. It was you who coaxed your way around him whom the devil had not the force to attack.

With what ease you shattered that image of God, Man! Because of the death you merited, even the son of God had to die Everything blamed on woman. Back to the Bible and Exodus If a man sleeps with an unmarried virgin then he must marry her but if her father refuses him his daughter he has to pay some dosh.

Then it becomes ok. Full submission in quietness, not permitted to teach, or have authority over a man, must be silent. Judges 19, but verses the Single wives looking real sex Sulphur. The story condensed tells us some evil men came to an old man's house who had a husband and wife guests.

They demanded the male guest for sex. Naughty women looking hot sex Roswell old man refused, Slphur wanting such Sklphur, but offered his daughter and guest's wife to do with as they wish.

They took the concubine wife and raped and abused Single wives looking real sex Sulphur all night and Single wives looking real sex Sulphur her Lonely lady looking hot sex Greenville. A bit further we are told she was chopped into 12 pieces. What would anyone get out of that story?

Most of this stuff just makes you want to squirm. John, one could ask how can any Christian woman read and study Sulphyr Bible's rezl and still remain a Christian. Also, do some Christian men justify abuse based on sives teachings?

Sx yet women churchgoers outnumber men approx.