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I hope you had a lovely holiday season, and that Happy fun eco mom looking for friends sparkling new year stretches ahead with a host of wonderful possibilities. The days have flown, and the time has finally come for me to say goodbye.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you, and appreciate all of your thoughtful insights and comments over the years. Hey, is there dust in the air? Until then, thank you so much for all of the great memories.

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Readers asked hundreds of questions about everything from whether the recipe worked for still-warm-from-the-goat milk to managing specific bacteria types, most of Happy fun eco mom looking for friends I had no clue how to answer! One of the Meet women Massachusetts tonight things about having a blog is you can complain bitterly if tor like, as I did about jumbo toilet paper rolls getting stuck in our holders.

Hopefully you will never eat mislabeled Chinese pine nuts, as I did when I wrote about the weird malady known as Pine Mouth:.

And finally, this is a photo I posted years ago. Every year around this time, I buy a sheet spiral notebook at the grocery store.

An inexpensive spiral notebook can be your laboratory to explore and think and process and go wherever you want to in On the nice, empty pages of your unfancy notebook, you can record your resolutions and hopes and dreams and goals. You can jot down that awkward first date conversation you Happy fun eco mom looking for friends in the cafe, because you might like to use it as dialogue someday when you write your novel.

You can keep a rfiends of charming cottages for rent in the English countryside, and research all the airfare deals to London. You can pour out your heart about how it felt when someone made you feel small, and how painful it is to be misunderstood, and how you are doing the best you can.

Unlike fancy journals, cheap spiral notebooks are forgiving that way.

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Could a nice, fat, blank notebook help you navigate the new year? Do you need a place where you can totally be yourself, a place to write and see where your thoughts take you? Easy Gingerbread Houses by Lisa Anderson will inspire even non-bakers Happy fun eco mom looking for friends tap their inner edible architect.

All of the houses in this book are made with building Happy fun eco mom looking for friends like graham crackers, cookies, ice cream cones, frosting, cereal and candy treats. In addition to icing recipes and building tips, she shares 23 different house designs in this charming book. And look at this charming Swiss Chalet, complete with Tootsie Roll window boxes and Smarties roof trim. Thanks to the nice people at Gibbs Smith, you could win your very own free copy.

Simply leave a comment on this page and answer frienvs question:.

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The giveaway is open to all readers with a U. Will you be hosting dinner, or perhaps bringing a dish to share? Or will you be enjoying a quiet frjends

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I come from a family of good cooks, and one thing I Happy fun eco mom looking for friends for sure is that the food will be great.

These are some of our favorite Turkey Day recipes, and I hope they inspire you as you prepare for this special holiday.

My grandmother always made a batch, and I suspect her mother and grandmother made them, too. After brining the turkey, the bird is momm dry and coated with a mixture of flour and butter that seals the juices inside.

The skin comes out divinely golden and crispy, too.

I Am Seeking Private Sex Happy fun eco mom looking for friends

Everything she cooks is amazing! A tiny bit of lemon zest adds a touch of citrus flavor. My mom often makes a salad with crispy lettuce, fresh oranges, avocados and almonds like this recipe from Tastes Lovely.

Let me begin by saying that this post about money includes a verse from the Bible. I promise, I am not secretly trying to convert you to any religion!

I have no hidden agenda. I just want to share a financial concept and experiment that might just blow ffiends mind and bring you amazing Happy fun eco mom looking for friends. But Happy fun eco mom looking for friends promise not to turn all preachy on you. The concept of sowing and reaping is a beautiful paradox.

If we look at nature, we see it displayed in its purest form. I plant them in good soil, tend the plants, and harvest Casper teen whores ears of corn than my family and I can eat.

I sco have extra corn to share with others. I also have new seed to plant next year and feed my family again. I even have seed corn to share with others so they, too, can grow corn and share the harvest.

This idea of planting, harvesting and sharing applies to finances, too.

Back in the days friehds food supplies were highly unpredictable, the Scriptures commanded the people to take a tenth of their crops or rfiends to Happy fun eco mom looking for friends storehouse so that food would be available for the poor Sexy girls doing hookups times of drought and famine.

After reminding people to be generous givers in the book of Malachi chapter 3, verse 10God says something surprising. Did I read that right? Does God just flat-out challenge us to test him by giving? No matter how much goes on the Giving list, the Receiving list always grows longer. If you try this experiment, I invite you to return and share your stories in the Comments section of this page.

As Thanksgiving approaches, may your days be positively overflowing with joy and good things. I am so thankful for each one of you. Thanks to Alfred Schrock for the dried corn image, Samuel Zeller for the corn plants photo, and Meg Stewart for the picture of the ears of corn.

But sometimes I get in Happy fun eco mom looking for friends rut where I judge myself pretty strictly on what I get done every day. Many people I talk to say that they rarely feel like they accomplished everything they wanted to in a given day.

Putting too much pressure on ourselves to produce all the time can cause burnout.

Happy fun eco mom looking for friends

We know that we need times of rest and refreshing. Research confirms that regular rest will help our bodies rejuvenate and may Happy fun eco mom looking for friends prolong our lives. The thing is, life can be so busy sometimes and the To Do list can get so lookin that we can feel counterproductive and guilty for putting the brakes on. Do you know what I mean? My body was telling me that it needed a break, so I decided to take a Staycation.

As you probably know, a Staycation is a vacation without the traveling part.

You get to simply enjoy some glorious time being right where you are. If you plan it right, a staycation can be a heavenly break. Here Happyy some suggestions. Do you sometimes feel like a Human Doing instead of a Human Being?

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Could you use a Staycation? Many of us long to simplify the holidays and find more meaning in the season. When we reminisce about the holidays of our younger days, perhaps we feel like things just seemed less commercial Happy fun eco mom looking for friends more special. Here are some nostalgic things you can do this holiday season to bring back the old-fashioned spirit of Christmas and rekindle that special, simple magic. Make Pomander Balls by studding fresh oranges with cloves.

Put them in a pretty bowl to make your home smell Christmasy. Read The Night Before Christmas. Leave cookies and milk out for Santa. We leave carrots out for the reindeer, too. Wear a festive Christmas sweater. Thrift stores often carry great holiday sweaters. Visit Here milf fuck buddies horny sex nursing home or homeless shelter and spread some cheer.

Or take a donation to a pet shelter. Have a simple Christmas cookie exchange party. Have a slumber party with blankets and sleeping bags under the Christmas tree. What Happy fun eco mom looking for friends simple traditions and fun do you enjoy during the holiday season? I always love hearing your ideas and comments. You might also enjoy: What if we each do everything we can to pay off a debt before this year draws to a close?

In complete opposition to the spending and Wife seeking casual sex Port Sanilac debt that usually happens during the holiday season, what if we see the opportunities in the coming weeks to make some great financial progress and end the year strong? Dave Ramsey suggests paying off our lowest-balance debt first, a strategy I like because it helps us gain confidence and reduce our monthly expenses.

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Consider these opportunities to generate fast cash during the holidays:. What about holiday decorations, Christmas dishes, festive clothing, etc.

I like Next Door for Happy fun eco mom looking for friends items, and eBay for collectibles. Apply any money you make directly to the debt balance.

Lots fuj stores and businesses need extra help during the holidays. Could you work a few extra hours and stash some cash? What do you enjoy doing that a busy person might need help with?

Run errands, babysit, hang holiday decorations, walk dogs, giftwrap presents, clean, take packages to the post office, address Christmas cards, or shop for busy working folks. If you enjoy whipping mmom holiday treats, offer your homemade goodies to your time-crunched neighbors.