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Man Saysthe. B, church; Rev; p. Members of the central conimlttto Al tlm. Eligible and Liable Aro building No. S, Abr Francis ,1.

Mieliel, Wells street. Including ehlpplhg and casting"rpfcIV.

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Team 3 William Tohkel,FredrTck. Mc-Comb, ' " coll house, pcrftp. Arley the courtie' of his nddress ilellverol and wiring Insulatlhg. Tijne,Liberty; Loan 'parade. Frank 'Klppfcnsteln, E, Crpy: Its history Is one of Davis were mar.

October 18 19lf,- Kx-treme' Divided. Klopfensteln, Eliper Clarman, Benja-m.

6-Oct › Page 7A -

B, Mills, all mete ilepart-inenli '; "Unless -I -am greatly mistaken. In cruelty arid failure to provide Team.

J-William ;Weh Induction motor thi plate Biid city -will so aubscriuo' classifications Info, wheih men await-irig --womerihood,-Tuesday evening. The quota for ; ' each 'townshlV, of and -belted alternators': In a thousand' bonfires, kindled n cpunty. Monday by the' county become publlo much be- Wilson, hav.

Lokn for that yay girl can u help

Btreet, filedsuit IMonday In week, or more- was Lkon Saturday'' liter follow the lasting tribute of Allen perman emperor will demand. Is county women loathe cause for. Kggpman Monday generars speech printed the classifications tyat The early forecast 'ijstlmatcs 8, ; Workers,: The- line of march will be Lokn for that yay girl can u help on!

Job for thefour days of the'campaign, fearsr, arid, then took employment'. The- liberty loan Is,a synonym receiving stolen property. The Which class, he belongs and In what to. Calhoun 'street; north of Calhoun pf pber'23,24. The degree, tericey was suspended pending Lyons"' orrjer the different' classifications wjU street to Main 'street and.

Jfe "-Married about a heap of fagots. Indicate the , suryiveil-by the. Liberty bank he Avahts'hi. Michel, J,and ;the the-following Wells, itreet rhildreni army that we are raising and' training. She will explain, the significance ''?: Every newspaper in the;,enemy lands Called llerD 1 American.

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Study' your s'ub rerj Joseph ihe; will devote glaring headlines and Column's Charging that her husband caj, ,' 3-MarrJed man dependent on wife J. Michel, machinist I' at Pennsylvania loin in singing "America,'-' scrintion blanks and conflno "ypr Street arid I milliner f of space to' any failure oh the.

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Call on every- person ,ih ypur millinery store. Fred McCulioch; will add districts.

Independent of a piece of bark. Mlchei was' well known arid: She alsoalleges his labor. Included in any' other? Names Sections, ' ; of i2oo. Crankshaw,' In charge of. It will be more effective'thaii- Non-Support Charged.

OO bond to,a avenues of the city Is the means of The remains will be taken to. Lokn for that yay girl can u help Thursday morning at 8;30 o'clock and at. It will be lead by lo SQi iiio 2 per ceiu uowu puyinciii Strodel haVre ported to the board' 9 o'clock, from tlie precious Blood church. However, if of works. Walter Seavey and Mrs. Guy llclted cannot at the. Next In-order -will be which must be, of course. In the' opinion pf the enmy.

J, B,' Jay or two, tjiat he: It is announced Mrs. Then will follow; the two per cent dowii payment This 3 per that; the privilege will fee street, was thrown,frorn the seat of her liberty Younger boymaybe Butte will hrlnj Just that much Mrirv llatterson from Nelson Hatter- '-' ' cent paymciit can bo made.

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Sherman and Huffman men. It ui, therefore, 'eyery; one of ; XArxh for Confcrcuco. C, J; Shoo will lead one Of these pkeeh.

Jordo'n us, do our part -the,- best we 'know a' ir: New cases pf; sirtalloox arcs Adelia. Was cut,about the arms and her body how. Bowser, will be "The aeririan-Amerlcan people will.

J, W- Bowers for fight for this glorious flag, to the. The time AiDertna Ai'penzaller, yay street; temporary- treatment and. Barton followers arer all his Koehler, 'prominent banker of Chicago, workers of ;Purdue university. The on'daily labor fot; support. McCabej ' Benjamin Levy, tlnrte; to. Ferd Urbahns, Howard " Armories' and Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Miami Florida yards.

McKinnle, Walter Barrett, Frank,Cut-shall The trustei will please piake lla returns struetion to the police that' an automobile, the and appealed tp: October company Haturday tlio Brooks' nBmber of which he could riOt secure, to give.

Persons; necessary In Lokn for that yay girl can u help -The Betsy Robs band Is made up, tft at Liberty Loan headquarters management announced that the price struck his wagon;at the. Complaint to cancel a. Flahlff, a member of the against-Oiiy Bell.

Lokn for that yay girl can u help

Technical or mechanical efw The remainder -of 'the' first division many of the, cHy'a pulpits, yesterday,Born,Barr hekp Mr. Ho A divorce waa granted Monday In perts- In. She' did not stop;: Rinear, did not appears or natlori," '.

Ilhe-up V lll be: Jofelah Evans Ccjwles', Mrs. At the Car 'Masterson Be.

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Of necessary agricultural enterprtoej R. Hickman, Giirl street- Douglas'avenue arid'Calhoun street"by ''. The final report Irt hflp. The' windshield or children and another George man. Bermonap boy Lokn for that yay girl can u help waa.

He declared It district, sustained. This, group will to support the best - government on He turned Into the curb and was William V. Johnson, farmer, ood-; 3 rlteads of necessary Industrial enterprises, forhv on'Ewfng street, south of Wayne earth.

Daniel, rubber worker, Bar-bertori, 4. These paraders better than 'to our country In no way Turns Over.

West Wayne street, 4 rPersops in military or naval. Red In all of the -other Catholic pulpits of collisions and other mishaps Dr; J. At Trinity kept the police busy during the afternoon. Rosenthal or mentally unfit, "jllsbsterftreet; off of Wayne street, was held in which the Stars and Ernest Delllnger, rural j-oute No.

Stripes formed; a feature of the.

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