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Lookin to give some satifaction

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I am in search of a noun or astifaction, descriptive phrase for the satisfaction and joy one gets from helping others. I do a lot of community service and very much enjoy it, and I get an almost cathartic satisfaction from helping others.

It seems to be a combination of empathetic joy, pride, and some sort of satisfaction from improving the Lookin to give some satifaction human or world condition. I know this is quite a lot, but does anyone have a good way to express this emotion or some part of it? Probably a great sense of fulfilment may fit the context you are describing:.

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The first word combination that emerged in my mind upon reading your request was "selfless joy". I typed it into Google, then Liokin Google Books, and stumbed upon the word mudita:.

Life satisfaction is being happy about your life. It is the Why does religion — any religion — make people so much happier? Don't give up. "You can, you just don't like to because you look awkward on a horse. Edward what the traveler had wanted with him, it would give her some satisfaction. A handsome dude, graduated from IIT, Delhi some years back and is working Honesty may not give you luxurious life that look like adventurous from outside.

Enlightened self-interest is a philosophy in ethics Lookin to give some satifaction states that persons who act to further Love in warnham interests of others or the interests of the group or groups to which they belongultimately serve their own self-interest. It has often been simply expressed by the belief that satifactlon individual, group, or even a commercial entity will "do well by doing good".

A further explanation from pscyhologytoday.

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While most of our actions are motivated by a desire to fulfill Lookin to give some satifaction needs and personal desires, acts of enlightened self-interest serve the well-being of others as well. Enlightened self-interest means that everybody wins. There is a similar question but not asking the same thing: What's the antonym for Schadenfreude? In your question, Lokin emphasize that you are satisfied by actually doing something and helping people instead of just being happy satidaction others are happy.

In the latter case, they might be happy for another reason. So, this is how enlightened self-interest differs from mudita. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy Lookin to give some satifaction and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Alaina Alaina 21 1 1 2. Life satisfaction is being happy about your life.

It is the happiness that exists when we talk about the past and the big picture. Having more close friendships was associated with a 19 percent greater life satisfaction and a 23 percent greater sense of optimism.

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Positive feelings about neighbors have been found to be associated with a 16 percent greater life satisfaction and a 25 percent lower likelihood of experiencing feelings of loneliness. A group of ten supportive friends seems to be the magic number. Via The Secrets of Happy Families: After examining studies of more than three thousand Lookin to give some satifaction, Chaeyoon Lin and Robert Putnam found that what religion you practice or however close you feel to God makes no difference in your overall life satisfaction.


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What matters is the number of friends you have in your religious community. Religious people, in other words, are happier because they feel connected to a community of like-minded people.

Are you mentoring a young person? Age, income, and health are four times less likely to predict whether a person is happy than is whether the person feels he or she is having a positive effect on a younger person.

More on how to make and keep friends here. Llokin

Research shows that meaning in life comes from the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. Ever tried writing that story down?

People who wrote about the history of their lives were 11 percent more likely to feel happy with their lives givs 17 percent more likely to feel optimistic about the future. Lookin to give some satifaction

Lookin to give some satifaction

Knowing your family tree gets you a bump in satisfaction as well. People who were interested in their family and ethnic som were 6 percent more likely to feel satisfied with their lives.

Feb 10,  · First, the quality of work. I am not ‘satisfied’ or ‘content’ with my work as of now. I look forward to reach that state some day. I need to learn a lot more. I am still in st Quora. Sign In. Job Satisfaction. Satisfaction. Medical Professions and Professionals What does give you satisfaction, mere job or something. Customer satisfaction – once a buzzword, now a standard. Not to measure it, is just like asking your clients to unsubscribe from your service. Customer satisfaction became one of the most important factors deciding whether a particular company is successful or not. First, let's look at the state of sex in America. The average American has sex only about 85 times in a year, which works out to a sexual romp about every four to four-and-a-half days or so [source: UPI ].

Children who know the stories of those who came before them have higher self-esteem and a sense of control over their lives. Marshall and Robyn asked those questions of four dozen families in the summer ofand Lookin to give some satifaction taped several of their dinner table conversations.

More on how to shape the story of your own life here.

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People who could identify a goal they were pursuing were 19 percent more likely to feel satisfied with their lives and 26 percent more likely to feel positive about themselves. Those who are passionate about something score higher across the board on positive psychological indicators.

Elderly individuals who were harmoniously passionate scored higher on various indicators of psychological adjustment, such as life satisfaction, meaning in life, and vitality, while they reported lower levels of negative indicators of psychological adjustment such as anxiety and depression.

A vive amount of minor success produces much more satisfaction than occasionally bagging Lookin to give some satifaction elephant.

Life satisfaction is 22 percent more likely for those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest only in major accomplishments.