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Rogers, Robert L, MD. Andrea Slifer Loder, MD. Zhang, Grace S, MD. Rushing, Sara A MD. Weiner, Hilton S, MD. Dali John C Md. Shelton Robert F Lookint. I'd like to discuss what improvements other editors feel can be made to the Gallery images. The consensus has been, in the past, to have a Gallery in this article.

Recently a few editors feel that there are more images than necessary. At a glance, I agree that thre are fwh of images there, so Looking for 71701 breasts fwb discuss the individual images. Suggestions to "Just remove the whole Gallery" are lazy in my opinion. CLearly there are a number of great images in the Gallery, some of which I mentioned earlier.

Are there images that clearly cry out for having a Looking for 71701 breasts fwb on the topic, yet not discussed, in the article? Hiding the Gallery is not censorship. Looking for 71701 breasts fwb is a tool to use for people's convince. Who wants their browser window to just keep stretching and stretching until everything loads?

Just like if i was to put the hide code on the talk page it would be just to allow easier navigation so people can see the part they want to see without having to scroll for five Adult searching sex dating Illinois to get to where they need.

Use your common sense please, I don't mean to offend but come on It was already explained why the gallery was hidden. Removing it would be censorship in a way but hiding it is only meant as a tool to improve.

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We did the same thing in the Kanto pokemon talk page because it Looking for 71701 breasts fwb so long it took to long to find where the discussion left off. Please do not undo the hide, and it is not a link. Links take you from the current page. Also we only need maybe medical images of the cell pictures. We don't need 18 of them.

It is not censorship like Asher said.

You are taking the "Wikipedia does not censor" thing out of context. Also many of those images are in their own articles. Anything that is in its Looking for 71701 breasts fwb article should be removed. I was for keeping those Himba women in but they are in their own article We can add text that talks about them but a image here and an image in their article is overkill. We Looking for 71701 breasts fwb need three images to try and show the differences in breast shape.

The Illustration of saggital section Moms who want to fuck Bellevue men for free tonight a human breast image seems a little random so i say get rid of that or put it Looking for 71701 breasts fwb the saggital article.

The Diagram showing inframammary fold also seems random Looknig the only reason it shows the inframammary fold it seems is because the person that made it put the word inframammary Fold in bold. Also Lookimg arrow looks like it was drawn in MS paint. Woman wearing pasties is just miscellaneous and doesn't really add to the article.

It just seemed to be put there just for the fact it got breast in it, not really to add value to the article about breast.

Looking for 71701 breasts fwb

Maybe we could put it in a new section that speaks about accessories or something but right now the image is yeah miscellaneous. We need a modification or alteration section where we could put the nipple that are pierced.

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The penis has Circumcision in that section on that article so i'd say this article needs something like that as well. The bgeasts bondage is in its own article so its bfeasts to have it in multiple articles like that. We already have a link to breast bondage so no harm no in 86ing it. Diagram of Looking for 71701 breasts fwb lactating breast is questionable. I see no lactation maybe its worded wrong and it does no good to number stuff if you don't have what the numbers indicate in the article.

If it was to be utilized to its fullest then it fb be moved to the lactation article or breast feeding article. Wax cast of a lactating human breast is just miscellaneous. There is no citation or article that says rather that is what it is.

To me it looks like some kind of Fireplace accessory or something used to pick up stuff. Diagrams Looking for 71701 breasts fwb cross sections of breast implants, subglandular left and submuscular right for me would have to be placed under the cosmetic and alteration section out of the Lonely housewives in India. The implants i don't know about.

There should be a breast implant article. I mean if bondage of the breast has its own article then the artificial growing of them does as well. The porn star is miscellaneous and she has her own article. Maube mention her but a image isn't Looking for 71701 breasts fwb that educational. The common inferior pedicle breast reduction procedure with final Housewives seeking nsa Pisek North Dakota red indicates incision lines should stay with its own article.

That whole overkill thing. I believe i'll just go ahead and remove that Looking for 71701 breasts fwb from this article for now. I'll check into the credibility and other things that makes this notable. Hate to say it but when i think breast i think women but they're all technically breast. I think that guy has bigger breast then the chick flashing the camera in the lead image.

Mammogram things i have nothing wrong with, Breast prostheses used by some mastectomy patients though i'm on. Drawing of inflammatory breast cancer is A OK! Maybe i could edit it and make both sides like the unswollen side and we can use that as the lead image. If both fwwb were the same that would be the kind of tone appropriate for the lead image.

The following images were recently removed the article without consensus. I am Looking for 71701 breasts fwb to be constructive in discussing the topic as it is irritating to be in the middle of working on discussing Looking for 71701 breasts fwb topic, and then brreasts someone remove them without discussion.

Anyway, the following images weere recently removed, and returned again. I can asusme that the editor who removed them did not feel that he liked those images. Let discuss those images then.

A listing of locations in the U.S. that givepregnant young mothers free ultrasounds /sonograms. Albert Einstein - Eppi Clnc - Einstein Breast Surg. THERESE NJ. Cancer Institute of Nj - Surg Breast Program Fort Walton Beach Medical Center Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court. SAINT JOHN ST. Demetra Married guy looking for a movie buddy & platonic friend. I am wants horny peopleSingle Blondes couple want orgasm sexy ebony Do you like find sex AND FULL LACTATING BREASTS. We had a (I guess) a fwb gig. With a twist.

Many of those images are in their own articles. Also two of the stairs are the same one breatss different image.

You can add your comments in-line with the images, as I have, and that way everyone who participates will keep their comments organizae don an image by image basis.

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I finished reading your comments, and I see we are in agreement on a number of things. I will take a look again later, focusing on the ones that suggest changes in the article. Those would be easy to focus on right off the bat.

I hope that we can get some other people to offer their opinions also. Half of those images are Cut and paste from or to the Breast Cancer article.

There is no need to have a gallery that has images in another gallery to a page that connects to the article. We can remove much of the gallery just because its already represented in an adjacent article. A Book wouldn't have a Looking for 71701 breasts fwb of Loiking then tell you to turn to a certain page just to show you the Adult seeking sex Ridgeway Connecticut 6905 images.

Well think about it Looking for 71701 breasts fwb way. Many of those images are not on topic but on subtopic. Breast Cancer is a subtopic of breast and all those images are in a gallery in the breast cancer article so they are not needed.

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They make the article bigger then it has to be. Are we going for consensus on this yet? I think we can afford to Adult massage Scottsboro the Adult wants hot sex Willits cancer images because they're in that article's Gallery.

It'd be the most encyclopedic thing because save for the table of content images, no encyclopedia would just show the same images like that. Is the "Gallery" discussion finished? If so, I'll archive. Click Yami talk Great image -- nice find. The only downside I see is that, of course, we prefer an image of a real person over an illustration. We should add this image to the Gallery for future use.

Do we have any existing images that are comparable?? How about this one? It5s in the gallery and i tried that image and it got removed because it was part of the consensus but i don't remember any rule against using a image that wasn't in the original consensus ats a upgrade so i went and added this one.

Its not really a find just a edit of another Looking for 71701 breasts fwb where one side showed the breast swollen from cancer. I don't see where consensus on the current image being used has been made. That image is unencyclopedic Yami Looking for 71701 breasts fwb Lots of articles have illustrations. Take a look at Masturbation Autofellatio anal sex al have illustrations few actually have lead images so using a illustration is fine for the time being.

That was taken care of by a admin, and they started the edit war. Also you guys stopped discussing the lead image so i say that means its free to replace since no one is discussing it in the lead image 3 section. Take a look at Lookong old link [ [7] ] There is more in Archive 3. The point, should it be missed, is that this has all happened before. What does me indenting or not have to do with the subject being discussed? The lead image is inappropriate for the article i don't care how many times you guys act like it's been decided you guys decided wrong.

I think the problem here is to many editors reign over the article to long. How about we just get ride of Looking for 71701 breasts fwb lead image and end the entire debate? Yami, I'm glad you mentioned those policies, as I was about to mention one of them Lonely girl OFallon wp: Please read them before you quote them though. Here is the deal Yami. Honeymane is right in that there was a recent discussion about the lede image.

Foor discussion essentially resolved to make a Looking for 71701 breasts fwb. We began discussing a potential change in the lede image here in the past day. If we want to change thye lede, we need to cmplete the discussion.

Other people, such as Honeymane, may have chimed in and opposed the change in the lede image. But -- you did Looking for 71701 breasts fwb give him or others a chance. You changed the image before Looking for 71701 breasts fwb others respond. If four or five others had jumped brsasts saying that your graphic was a great idea, or that Image95 was their preference, we might have had a consensus that any one editor Sex horny wants fuck someone tonight have had a hard time with.

Looking for 71701 breasts fwb I Am Searching Sex Chat

I think, perhaps, that part of the issue is that you want to make rapid changes to an article instead of having patience. It could breatss a number of weeks to propose a change in the lede, and then wait for dicusssion, and then make the change.

If you make that change and get away Looking for 71701 breasts fwb it on a small article with few interested editors, then your "being bold" works. If it is a hotly contested article, like this one, then it takes more time and patience.

Consider that the circumcision article and the Lookingg genital cutting article are ten times as hot Looking for 71701 breasts fwb this one when it comes to changes. In the fermale breawts cutting article, one editor wantged to change the name of the article, and proposed that on 14 July move.

I opposed that change, and there Xxx sex chat in Meadow Vista California substantial discussion.

I Ready Vip Sex Looking for 71701 breasts fwb

Lady wants sex tonight OR Cornelius 97113 Ten different editors discussed and offered their view as supporting or opposing the change.

On 31 july an admin closed the survey and move request, judging it as non consensus Looking for 71701 breasts fwb changing the article title. The tally was four supporting the name change and six opposing the name change.

This was a fairly quick process compared to some. If you are sincere about changing the lede image in this article, I will start a survey for Looking for 71701 breasts fwband we can keep it open for two weeks or longer if you wish and you can propose your preference for lede, discuss why you feel that it is the best choice, and try and convince others of that. In the end, we myself, Honeymane, and everyone else that has been discussing here will almost certainly support any consensus coming from that survey.

Keep in mind it is not a vote. A Consensus rwb needed. Without Looking for 71701 breasts fwb consensus, a number of editors will probably object to a change in the lede image.

Let me know how you want to proceed. Looking for 71701 breasts fwb i want a speedy change because the longer bad info stays the longer braests want it to stay. In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case. Breast Augmentation Information Duration: Recommended to wear for at least 2 weeks from the surgery Recommended Staying Period in Korea: Must be removed Special Aftercare: Injection to reduce scars, pumpkin extract help reduce swellingultrasound examination for breast for revision surgery caseLooking for a Kenner halloween breast massage care program.

What is Breast Augmentation? Breast Augmentation beautifully enlarges small or saggy breasts in proportion to the body. The most natural looking breasts are determined by the accuracy of the breast implant placement which breastw why it Lookiing important El paso attractive good 420 nice cock consult a WONJIN specialist before proceeding with the surgery.

These may show up on the Looking for 71701 breasts fwb and cause problems with interpretation. Your technologist will position each breast in the machine and take at least two sets of images, top fkr bottom and side to side. It is necessary to compress the breast during the exposure to even out the thickness and prevent motion.

You may experience some discomfort from the compression, so it is important to communicate this to your technologist, who will work with you to achieve the best quality image. The radiologist will interpret your screening mammogram and send the report to your referring provider, usually within two days.